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Nasty Woman

2017 February 17
by Michelle Manetti

NAsty Woman2

Are you a Nasty Woman? we are.. yes and now more than ever. There’s a call out for solidarity, among our fellow female peers and male supporters, a comradery, to fight for women’s rights, for equal rights, for human rights. The Women’s march on Jan 21st was a global phenomenon, a mighty stand by the people, for the people, the largest single-day demonstration in U.S. history and a huge worldwide statement. There’s so much to fight for, so much to be said and done, and while here at Lipstick Disco, we’re constantly striving to support and promote women and female identified artists within the music sphere, to help educate about the incredible women there are out there, it’s important we try to spread the word of equality and human rights as far and wide as possible, beyond just the musical platform now more than ever.

This wonderful track, originally produced by Valesuchi was edited by Matias Aguayo to fit a speech from the Washington DC Women’s March, it’s a perfect statement and I hope by posting this track it will continue to resonate, shared by the wonderful folk at Cómeme please listen and share, download and play it loud, not only for it’s musical content, but to show your support and solidarity, spread the message far and wide.

Lydia Eisenblätter – Panora

2017 February 16

Lydia Eisenblätter - Panora

Lydia Eisenblätters latest offering ‘Panora‘ on Stundenullmusic comes with remixes from Jamy WangLucianno Villarreal and Mac – Kee, but it’s Lydia’s original that is my personal preference from the EP, released on Jan 27th, stream the whole EP HERE: and listen to Lydia’s original below.


Yulia Niko – The Donezk

2017 February 15
by Michelle Manetti


New York City based DJ and Producer Yulia Niko, has just released a sublime three track EP on her imprint TochnoTechno, with both a digital and vinyl release. The Donezk‘ marks the third release on the label and drops today. Hyper leads the way, a bouncy, jackin’ track with spliced up vocal to help drive this bubbly little number, Leto is a laid-back chuggy track with Acid sensibilities, while Random picks up the energy with a drum-focused jam, with tribal rhythms and clever sound effects to create fizzes and pops for extra effect. Listen to all three below. buy digital HERE


Alice Bas – Mother (Ena Cosovic Remix)

2017 February 14
by Michelle Manetti


What do you get if you cross a Swede (Alice Bas) with a Danish based Bosnian (Ena Cosovic)? absolutely wonderful Techno that’s what. The two up-and-coming artists have joined forces, for a release on Swedish label Svedjebruk, as part of a 4-track vinyl release coming out on Feb 27th. Ena Cosovic perfectly reworks Alice Bas’ ‘Mother‘ – the original of which is taken from her debut EP ‘Triune‘ also on Svedjebruk. Alice’s version is a more bouncy, jackin’ house number, with driving analogue drums and a soulful synth-led breakdown, where Ena remixes the track into something a little deeper, synth-driven, techno-fueled house. Both worthy of dance-floor mayhem. Take a listen to both tracks HERE:



TERR – Misantropicalia

2017 February 13


The chuggy, cosmic vibes of this three track EP from Brazilian-born / Barcelona Based Daniela Caldellas aka TERR immediately caught my attention. Misantropicalia was released on Hotflush Recordings Jan 27th, so it’s still pretty fresh off the press, but with definite retro sensibilities. Daniela’s EP nods to the Moroder-esq Cosmic Disco sounds, along with 80’s electro and acid influences with unmistakable analogue feels. Misantropicalia marks her return to Hotflush following on from her Burn The Past EP released April last year. Take a listen to Misantropicalia below.


The Black Madonna – XOYO Residency

2017 February 1
by Michelle Manetti

The Black Madonna

So London’s XOYO have announced their new Friday resident, taking the helm for 13 weeks every Friday in April, May and June, is none-other than Mixmag’s top DJ – The Black Madonna, taking us back to the original club culture and delivering her ‘We Still Believe’ musical quest to London .

As yet, none of her joining guests have been announced, but you can rest assured, they will be of the absolute highest of caliber. The only thing we know, is the residency is in three parts – opening on Friday 7th April with ‘THE BODY ELECTRIC’ the first of her three all-nighters, where she’ll take us on a trip through early electro, EBM, industrial and techno to chronicle the evolution of synthesizer music. Friday 5th May – part 2 of her all nighter’s ‘THESE ARE THE BREAKS’ From the deepest dub to hip hop, Miami bass, jungle and beyond, with an ultra rare exploration to the bass station. Finally she will end her residency on Friday 30th June with her final all nighter ‘LOVE IS THE MESSAGE’ – A 6 hour session into the the soul of dance music, dipping through disco rarities and taking a tour of the house that Jack built.

The tickets are available to buy from and we suggest you grab them quick, as they won’t last long; don’t wait for the line-ups to be announced, they’ll probably be snapped up before that and these are going to be unforgettable parties, not to be missed.

While we’re at it, in our advent for The Black Madonna, (HERE) we mentioned about her vinyl only release ‘He Is The Voice I hear’ (yes we got our mitts on some vinyl) but there we’re no streams then, however it’s now available on digital and is streaming in full on soundcloud – so here it is, in all 10.29 of it’s Epic glory, as well as a little taster video of what’s to come at her XOYO residency. Enjoy.



2017 January 27
by Michelle Manetti


When a friend of mine Natalie Capello sent me over a live recording from her set at one of my favorite Berlin Clubs Salon Zu Wilden Renate, and asked if i’d like to use it for Lipstick Disco, an immediate listen and seconds into the recording, I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity and decided to use it for this months exclusive mix. It’s bouncy, fun, energetic and retro-tastic, with splatterings of Disco, Italo, 80’s piano house, acid and other treats old a new, mostly vinyl and most definitely served with love. While Nathalie is a relative newcomer to the DJ scene, she’s been making waves fast and building up a reputation on the Berlin club scene, playing regularly at venues such as Farbfernseher, IPSE and the notorious Salon zur Wilden Renate, I had a chat with Nathalie about her influences and musical experiences.

Hey Nathalie, thanks for the awesome live mix and having a little a chat with me. So first up, to give us a little idea about your style, Describe your sound in 5 words?
Happy, moving, layered, piano, housy

You’re a Dutch girl, originally from Rotterdam but now living in Berlin, would you say these cities have influenced your musical tastes and how? Yes, I think especially Rotterdam since that’s where I first started clubbing. It’s obviously known for it’s harder sound, so in my younger years I was influenced a lot by techno, minimal, rave and hardcore. Later on, in the years leading up to me leaving the city, I discovered a softer side which included different streams of house disco, italo. I guess these influences have formed my current style. Although, I do also love playing a proper techno set.

Rotterdam isn’t as well known for it’s musical scene as it’s bigger Dutch sister Amsterdam, but tell us some of the of the most influential clubs and parties you attended there? I guess the club that has had the biggest impact on me was Now & Wow (in the Maassilo), cause that’s about the time I started clubbing in Rotterdam. I was so impressed by the music, the people and of course the venue – which is an old grain silo, very big, lots of concrete and very raw. At some point the club closed but the venue is still very much up and running. Now & Wow is now a festival that’s held there twice a year (I believe). Other than that I have to say BAR. It used to be a tiny cozy bar with great music and DJs and overall great atmosphere. Then they had to relocate and they’re a proper bar with club now, and their programming is outstanding.

Other than that I’ve been to many fun illegal raves and parties in the coolest places. It takes some time to discover the city I guess, but once you have its easy to fall in love.

I’ve not actually been to Rotterdam, so i’ll be hitting you up for advice when I do! So when was it you realised you wanted to be involved as more than just a voyeur? What inspired you to get behind the decks yourself? I knew from very early on that I wanted to get involved in the music, and do more than just clubbing. The only thing that was holding me back to play out was stage fright. Once I moved to Berlin I started paying out and sort of naturally got over it. Then I got my decks and started to play vinyl. That’s when I got slightly obsessed. Somehow all of a sudden everything made sense and all I wanted to do was play records.

So how did you go about getting your first DJ set? Through my friend Emma, she does parties in Farbfernseher in Berlin and I told her I would really like to play. She proposed I would open the night and so I did. I remember being really nervous and it being over really fast.

What would you say has been your most memorable moment at a gig so far? I played in a bar in Playa-Del-Carmen last year, when the subwoofer failed. So for about an hour there was no base. The bar staff was trying to fix it until one of the guys carried in the biggest subwoofer – it barely fit in the bar. At some point they finally fixed the original one and people started shouting and dancing. Since they had already carried the replacing subwoofer in, they went ahead and switched it on too. The response of the crowd was so cool and there was such great energy. I think that night was one I’ll remember for a long time.

As well as DJ-ing yourself you also work as a DJ agent,  is it a help or hindrance to your own DJ-ing to work as an agent for other DJ’s?Funny you should ask, I do feel it can be a little bit of a hindrance for my own DJing, as I’m putting my own DJing on the backseat in favor of the guys I’m representing. Luckily I’ve got amazing girlfriends who help me out and find me gigs.

Yes female comradery! it’s great to have other awesome women around to support you, so with that and rounding us off, you know, here at Lipstick Disco we like to give support and respect to other women in music, who do your shout out’s go to? Name some of your favorite fellow female artists? Easy, Honey Dijon – her sets blow me away. Besides her, The Black Madonna‘s sets always move me, too. I also have to give a shout out to my super talented girlfriends Juliet Fox, Vonda7 and BEC. They’re the most fun bunch and are a great source of support.

And one final question we always ask, what’s your drink of choice? Red wine, of course 🍷😋

So there you have it, if you see Nathalie play, grab her a glass of Red wine and in the meantime, kick back with this awesome mix.


Shanti Celeste – ‘Untitled EP’ – Peach Discs

2017 January 26
by Michelle Manetti


When we featured Shanti Celeste in our December advent HERE, we mentioned she was launching her own imprint Peach Discs and it’s arrived. The debut EP from the label is from Shanti Celeste herself, ‘Untitled’ is a double sided EP, with ‘Loop One’ on the A side and ‘Selector’ on the flip. Coming out on Feb 3rd. Pre Order the 12” HERE


Kim Ann Foxman – Energy EP

2017 January 25
by Michelle Manetti

KAF ENergy

We’ve been waiting for this one to drop, so we can share it with you – we got a little sneak preview last year and it’s hot hot hot. Kim Ann Foxman returns to her imprint Firehouse for a 4 track EP of her signature sounding heavy, vintage-esq analogue house. “Energy EP dives into my rave roots,’ she explains, ‘It includes a selection of tracks to be enjoyed at different times of the night.” Kicking off with U R Magnetic a dark moody track with breakbeat undertones, then stepping up the energy for a Acid inspired E4 Energy Kim’s vocals ring through on the bouncy U & Me Electricity and taking it back down a notch for the mind-bending final track 2 The Source. Released on Jan 20th.

For those of you in London town, Kim will be joining Maya Jane Cole, Alinka and a heap of pretty stellar DJ’s at Maya Jane Coles and friends day party on Feb 18th at London’s new 2500 venue Printworks. More details on Facebook HERE.



2016 December 25



2016 – an annus horribilis one might say, it’s been a pretty turbulent and tumultuous one to say the least; but let’s not depressingly dwell on the negatives, and let’s highlight the fact, that it’s been a tremendou there’s one thing that’s clear, the fight for diversity and equality is a strong one and strength and support within communities continues to grow.

Over the last few weeks, all the end of year ‘Best Of’ music lists have been released and while the RA’s top 100 DJ’s list, still looks a little male and whitewashed, there are however a number of wonderful and well-deserving women featured; with Paula Temple in at no.98, Nicole Moudaber at no.93, tINI at no.90, Sonja Moonear at 83, Lena Willikens at 76, Helena Hauff at 31, Nina Kraviz at 22 and The Black Madonna at no 10. RA’s live acts top 100 however, doesn’t feature a single woman, showing there’s still a long way for us to go. Props to Mixmag’s top 20 however, which features 6 out of 20 women – Sonja Moonear at 20, Helena Hauff at 12, Honey Dijon at 11, Nastia at 8, Nina Kraviz at 5, and the top spot going to The Black Madonna, a hugely well-deserved crown. It should perhaps be mentioned the RA lists are a readers’ polls, where the Mixmag list is selected by staff – maybe suggesting industry folks are more open to supporting women and diversity, where the general public and consumer are perhaps the ones we need to educate. Until we see a more equal representation of Women, Trans, Queer and People of Colour from all backgrounds and ethnicities within the electronic dance scene, discussions still need to take place. A few weeks back at Take Note conference, a really interesting panel, addressed exactly this and how we can continue to diversify and educate, (you can view the 30 min panel HERE). Here at Lipstick Disco, we aim to continue to promote and support female artists – to bring you their news, their releases, their gigs and general discussions, to promote awareness and continue to do our bit, however small to try and even out the playing field.

Special mentions should go to some other wonderful groups globally, also keeping the discussion alive. SheSaidSo – a steadily growing global network of women working behind the scenes in the industry, which is platform for discussions, and reaching out for help and advice from others in the industry. Female Pressure, much like She said so, this is a network platform for women in music, however largely catered for artists and DJ’s rather than women working behind the scenes. Mint – A Berlin based network for women in House and Techno music, with monthly (all female line-up) clubnights, an all-female DJ agency they also offer workshops, for women to learn DJ-ing and production. Discwoman – a NYC based platform, collective and booking agency representing and showcasing cis women, trans women and genderqueer talent in electronic music. Siren – an all-female collective, throwing queer parties promoting female and non-binary artists. Rhythm Sister – A DJ collective & platform, created to support and promote female-identified/genderqueer artists, running parties and mix-sessions, to help female-identified DJ’s swap and learn new skills.

Off the back of all the ‘Top Artists of 2016’ lists, we decided to create our own end of year list, a musical advent, in the run up to Christmas. We wanted to represent women from all levels, from as many backgrounds and corners of the globe as we could. It’s not exhaustive. There were so many incredible women we wanted to include, 24 doesn’t even scratch the surface, but it does raise the question why we don’t see a stronger female presence in end-of-year lists, because they’re certainly out there smashing it.

For our advent we wanted to give you a cross section, from up-and-coming artists and home-grown heroes, to local stalwarts, to the top dogs and long-standing big guns. The featured artists hail from; Berlin, London, NYC, Vienna, Siberia, Chicago, Amsterdam, Tel-Aviv, Arizona, Bristol, Melbourne, Columbia, Ghent, Manchester, Switzerland, Brazil, Detroit, Marseilles, Hawaii and Stockholm. Also, let’s not skirt over the fact that the majority of have found themselves based in the music mecca that is Berlin – still clearly at the forefront of the electronic music world.

For each of the 24 posts, we focused on the artist’s achievements from 2016, and presented one of their releases from this year. it seems only logical, to round the advent and the year off with our final Monthly Mixtape of the year – a mix featuring all of the songs, from these incredible artists of our advent, mixed by myself Michelle Manetti – the Chief Editor. Click on each artist’s picture to view the artist’s advent feature and individual track.

advent-01-lauren-flax-3-2016 joyce-3-2016 virginia the-black-madonna-3 hannah-3 cassy-3
alinka-3 bgwg-3 avalon-3 maya-3 shanti-3 shinedoe-3
juliet-3 honey-3 nina-kraviz-3 gina-3 kate-simko-3 la-fleur-3
rroxymore-3 lupe-fuentes-3 ena-lind-3 kim-ann-3 anja-3 charlotte-de-witte-3


01. Lauren Flax – U Know (Nervous Records) (2016.11.21)
02. Kate Simko & LEO – Waiting Games (Dub mix) (The Vinyl Factory) (2016.06.22)
03. Virginia – Funkert (Dub) (Ostgut Ton) (2016.05.06) **
04. Nina Kraviz – Don’t Mind Wrong Keys (Trip) (2016.05.20)
05. La Fleur – Bloomer (Watergate Records) (2016.08.29)
06. Avalon Emerson – Dystopian Daddy (2016.11.25)
07. Shinedoe – Rubber Band (Intacto) (2016.10.17)
08. Cassy – Back (Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie’s Remix) (Aus Music) (2016.06.10) **
09. Anja Schneider – Sunny Side Up (Mobilee Records) (2016.07.14)
10. L.M.Y.E – Manhattan (Shanti Celeste Remix) (Idle Hands) (2016.09.09)
11. Ena Lind – The Wisdom To Know The Difference (Original Mix) (Twirl) (2016.09.30)
12. Rroxymore – Organ Smith (Don’t Be Afraid Records) (2016.11.04)
13. Lupe Fuentos – Can’t Go On (MadTech) (2016.10.07)
14. Black Girl _ White Girl – Body Heat (Original Mix) (Flashmob) (2016.12.09) **
15. Maya Schenk – Naked (Henri) (2016.07.08)
16. Honey Dijon & Argy – Just Fierce (These Days) (2016.02.22)
17. Juliet Fox & Dereck Marin – Ride It Again (My Favourite Freaks) (2016.12.09)
18. Kim Ann Foxman – Give It All You Got (Original) (Firehouse) (2016.08.19)
19. The Carry Nation – Breakwater (Hannah Holland Remix) (Get Up Recordings) (2016.11.28)
20. Lil’ Mark Ft. Della – It’s Acid (Alinkas Strasse Remix) (Twirl) (2016.11.04)
21. Gina Breeze – Disco Hoe (Original Mix) (Get Up Recordings) (2016.06.27)
22. Tiga – Blondes Have More Fun (The Black Madonna ‘Immaterial Girl’ Remix) (2016.08.15)
23. Joyce Muniz & Wehbba Ft. Angelique Bianca – Sleepless (Exploited) (2016.10.03)
24. Charlotte de Witte – Varpulis (Suara) (2016.03.28)

** these tracks, are slightly different from the one’s featured in the artist’s advent, for the sake of sitting more comfortably in the mix.

Here’s to 2017 and the continued support of these incredible artists and other female and female-identified artists alike. Thank you for reading, sharing, liking, and supporting us here at Lipstick Disco this year!

Festive greetings and here’s to a Happy, equal and diverse 2017

Michelle Manetti (chief editor)



2016 December 24

Lipstick Disco’s 2016 Christmas musical advent calendar – we’ll be bringing a daily dose throughout December of 24 kick-ass women, who’ve been making and playing kick-ass music in 2016.



At a mere 23 years old, today’s advent is the youngest of our featured artists. Belgium based Charlotte de Witte, made her debut behind the decks at just 17 and her aggressive Techno sets caught the ears of some of Belgium’s biggest promoters, quickly earning herself prime spots at festivals such as I Love Techno and Tomorrowland. Fast forward to 2016 and as well as Pukkelpop festival in Belgium, and her resident party KNTXT at Fuse club in Brussels she’s focused on international clubs and festivals; This summer saw her first North American tour, taking in gigs in NYC and Montreal, plus other international gigs include; Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Luxembourg, Cesme, Ankara, Barcelona, Geneva, Lille, Paris, Rotterdam, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Berlin, Beveneto, Laval, Le Mans, Rennes, Athens and Rome.

As well as a busy gig schedule, Charlotte also has a regular radio show ‘Playground Charlotte de Witte’ on Studio Brussels – Belgium’s leading radio station. Other guest mixes this year have included mixes for DJ Mag’s Weekly podcast, Thump, and most recently Datatransmission,

It’s De Witte‘s releases that are really gaining her traction though, and since her debut release in 2015 on Tiga’s Turbo Recordings she’s been quite the unstoppable force. Four incredible EP’s of her own this year;  Starting in March with ‘Varpulis’ on Suara, followed up in April with ‘Actually EP‘ on Amazone Records. Then came a re-visitation to Turbo Recordings in June for ‘Sehnsucht EP‘, and finally ‘Trip EP‘ on Off Recordings in September. Remixes by De Witte also came thick and fast this year, starting in April with a remix of The Solver by Ben Long, followed in May by a remix of Jaunde by Andre Crom, then a remix of Bad Poems by Robert S in August and Charlotte‘s final release of 2016 was a remix of Headbang by Taster Peter.

de Witte like’s to embrace the dark side of electronic music “Dark music contains much more emotion. When I’m DJ’ing I want to try and touch the crowd and tell a story with the music. Of course I want them to party, get loose and have fun, but at the same time I want them to remember the music long after the lights go up.” this rings true for both her DJ sets and productions, all of which have a certain melancholic undertone ‘“Making music really gives me a chance to tap into the more emotional side of electronic music that I love. Music that has that melancholic side to it” claims de Witte and that is certainly displayed in today’s advent song ‘Varpulis‘. We particularly chose this evocative, emotive, techno track, with it’s haunting, choral vocals, symbolic to Christmas to round our advent on Christmas eve.



2016 December 24
by Michelle Manetti

Lipstick Disco’s 2016 Christmas musical advent calendar – we’ll be bringing a daily dose throughout December of 24 kick-ass women, who’ve been making and playing kick-ass music in 2016.



No. 23 of our Musical advent, comes from another Berlin stalwart Anja Schneider. As well as touring the world week in, week out, she is also responsible for bringing some of the finest artists to the forefront via her weekly radio show and her supreme quality label Mobilee. Anja’sDance Under The Blue Moon‘ show has been running on Berlin’s Fritz Radio since 2000 and is the longest running underground dance music radio show and airs every Sat from 10pm. Mobilee developed off the back of the radio show, after it was suggested she start up up a label to support all the demos she was receiving – in 2005 the label was born, followed by a booking agency in 2007. Schneider has a wonderful skill for unearthing and supporting new talent, a brief glimpse at the Mobilee and its sister imprint Leena’s back catalogue, displays this; early releases from Maya Jane Coles, Nicole Moudaber, Solomun + other giants of the industry, well before they became the established artists they are today. The label and radio show, give her the platforms to nurture, mentor and support the growth of new, growing and established talents.

Between touring every weekend, running the label, agency, and weekly radio show and being a mother, studio time is rare, but always with magical results. This year however releases have been solid. Schneider started this year with a bang, her first release – ‘Soul Traveller‘ an incredible 3 track EP on her own Mobilee imprint, dropped in Jan. She followed this up in March with a remix for Catz ‘n DogzThe Joy‘ on their imprint Pets Recordings. In June she released ‘Caracas‘ as a solo track on Moon Harbour Recordings as part of their ‘Moon Harbour Inhouse, Vol 7’ compilation. Schneider’s final release of 2016, was once again on her own Mobilee imprint, a beautiful 2 track EP ‘Rain‘ and it’s the B-side ‘Sunny Side Up‘ that we’re serving you up for no. 23 of our advent today.



2016 December 22

Lipstick Disco’s 2016 Christmas musical advent calendar – we’ll be bringing a daily dose throughout December of 24 kick-ass women, who’ve been making and playing kick-ass music in 2016.



Kim Ann Foxman is a name we’ve frequently mentioned on Lipstick Disco, the effortlessly cool Hawai- born New-Yorker consistently rises to our expectations, both from the booth and the studio. She first shot to fame as vocalist in cult New York band ‘Hercules and Love affair‘, but since departing the outfit she’s become a solid and highly reputable DJ and producer in her own right and paved her own successful solo career.

“Play and make music that makes you happy, and people will naturally feel that honesty” says Foxman, and her unique, distinctive sound, comes from incorporating, and building upon the nostalgic records from her youth, mixing original sounds and records from the 80s and early ’90s with nostalgic re-pros – expect to hear plenty of rave stabs, acid baselines and 909’s during her sets. Her superb selections and solid sets make her a favorite at Berlin’s Panorama bar, as well as securing herself a highly regarded residency at Good Room, in her home of Brooklyn NYC. This year, among a crazy gig schedule, Foxman also created guest mixes for Pete Tong’s BBC radio 1 after hours, and her buddies Bicep for their FMB mixtape series both in April, her cracking mix for Beats In Space in May, was selected as one of Pitchforks ‘Mix Of The Month’ and other awesome guest mixes include Fact Mag, Thump, and most recently NTS. Foxman also performed at Mixmag lab, in Nov and to round of December she did a cheeky little takeover of Resident Advisors Instagram account.

As a producer, Kim’s sound is reflective of her sets and equally as dynamic, holding the same ethos – with catchy melodies and her own alluring vocals amidst nostalgic roots. Her first release this year was a reunion with old HALA band member and Twirl label co-owner Shaun J. Wright, for ‘Destination’ on Pets Recordings, this was followed by a full EP ‘It’s You That Drives Me Wild’ on her own Firehouse imprint, which includes a massive remix from Maya Jane Coles. For today’s advent song, we’re bringing you ‘Give it All You Got’ from the EP. Watch out in January for her next EP ‘Energy‘ also on her Firehouse imprint, we’ll be bringing you streams of that badboy fear not.


ADVENT 2016 #21 – ENA LIND

2016 December 21
by Michelle Manetti

Lipstick Disco’s 2016 Christmas musical advent calendar – we’ll be bringing a daily dose throughout December of 24 kick-ass women, who’ve been making and playing kick-ass music in 2016.


ADVENT 2016 #21 – ENA LIND

Today’s advent artist Ena Lind has been quite the stalwart of the Berlin electronic music scene and beyond, for over a decade. The politically minded DJ and Producer has firm roots in the queer scene and predominantly pushes the promotion and education of other female artists through Mint – a project and concept she co-created with Zoe Rasch and launched in 2013. Mint is first and foremost a platform for women, DJs and producers – working in electronic music, and their goal (much like ours here at Lipstick Disco) is ”to promote visibility amongst female DJs and acts – providing female artists with opportunities to showcase their talent, develop their skills and expand their network”  Mint has many strings to it’s bow; primarily as a monthly clubnight, showcasing female DJ’s and artists, with a strong queer female attendance. Mint also offers workshops in DJ-ing and producing house and techno music through their Campus­-Reihe initiative, offering both affordably priced workshops and private one-to-one sessions – of which Ena is one of the teachers. This year Mint hosted a panel at Ableton Loop festival and Ena and the Mint Campus team, with the help of Foreign Office and Goethe Institut Berlin also found themselves, for the first time, in Kampala, Uganda to teach workshops there, a wonderfully rewarding achievement for 2016. The final string in Mint’s bow came in 2015 when Ena and Zoe also established the Mint booking agency, which currently has 8 incredibly talented ladies on the rosta, Ena herself as one of the artists, alongside Lauren Flax (who was our first advent artists HERE) La Fraicheur (one of our previous mixtape guests HERE) Lady Blacktronica, Chica Paula, Dasco, Denise Swan and Soumaya Phéline.

As well as her Mint project, Ena continues to work as a DJ and producer in her own right, her sound is a mixture of classic and Detroit house, techno and disco and although she’s been producing for some while, 2016 saw the release of her first solo EP “The Wisdom to Know the Difference” which was released in September on one of our favorite labels Twirl and includes two originals from Ena and two remixes – one from Doc Sleep and the second from Anna Leopolder. For today’s advent song, we’re bringing you the title track from Ena’s debut EP.



2016 December 20
by Michelle Manetti

Lipstick Disco’s 2016 Christmas musical advent calendar – we’ll be bringing a daily dose throughout December of 24 kick-ass women, who’ve been making and playing kick-ass music in 2016.



It’s fair to say #20 of our advent today, the LA based Colombian Lupe Fuentes, is absolutely smashing it right now. Her humble beginnings are a little less glamorous, but since the model-turned DJ exploded onto the scene in 2014, she has proven herself as a master of her craft, fully dedicated and diligent to the cause. She’s churned out over 40 releases just this year alone, which gained her well-deserved recognition and a spot on Tracksource’s Top 100 Tech House artists of 2016. Of her incredible 40 releases this year, she’s had tracks and remixes come out on Simma Black, Guesthouse Music, Safe Music, Lost Records, Younan Music, MadtechLW Recordings but most frequently her own imprint In The Loop, which has also been steadily growing in 2016. Since it’s launch in 2015 it’s already had over 50 releases, with several tracks hitting the Top 10 in Tracksource’s Tech House Chart this year, which they’re currently holding the no.1 spot with their strongest release to date: ‘Underground’ by the talented Italian Producers Alaia & GalloIn The Loop has weekly releases from over 20 artists globally and has seen Lupe work with some of the industry’s legends, from Kerri Chandler, Todd Terry, 2 Sides Of Soul, Javi Lopez and BoBo from Cypress Hill.

IN THE LOOP Radio show also took off in 2016 and has been going for 45 weeks, featuring the Label Boss herself and guests like Montel, Roger Sanchez, Hector Couto, Anthony Attalla, Wally Lopez, Tough Love and more. The current show’s guest mix come’s from Juliet Fox, who was #13 of our advent – Check the show HERE. As well as In The Loop Radio show, Lupe is also currently running the programming of the single biggest 24/7 Free and commercial free radio station Subdustrial, which is part of Dash Radio and features weekly radio shows from the likes of Defected, Claptone, Yousef, Todd Terry, Josh Wink, Roger Sanchez and more. You can listen online HERE.

And as if these projects haven’t kept her busy enough, she’s also seen a full year of shows, along side DJ’s like Victor Calderone, Wally Lopez, Sydney Blu, Eli & Fur, Roger Sanchez and more touring in venues like Sound NightClub in LA, A successful Label take over at the Mix Mag lab in DTLA, The Only Underground after hours in Hawaii “Asylum After hours”, Heart NightClub in Miami for Saeed Younan’s “Join the Tribe” event, Sun Down festival in Huntington Beach, Ca with Erick Morillo and that’s just for starters. There’s literally no stopping This little Tech House giant.

Lupe’s latest release dropped just a few weeks ago on her In The Loop imprint, you can grab this from HERE, but for today’s advent song, we’re bringing you a killer of a track from an earlier release this year on Madtech’s ‘Amsterdam’ compilation for ADE. ‘Can’t Go On‘ is absolutely stuff of gold. Check it for yourself.