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2016 December 25



2016 – an annus horribilis one might say, it’s been a pretty turbulent and tumultuous one to say the least; but let’s not depressingly dwell on the negatives, and let’s highlight the fact, that it’s been a tremendou there’s one thing that’s clear, the fight for diversity and equality is a strong one and strength and support within communities continues to grow.

Over the last few weeks, all the end of year ‘Best Of’ music lists have been released and while the RA’s top 100 DJ’s list, still looks a little male and whitewashed, there are however a number of wonderful and well-deserving women featured; with Paula Temple in at no.98, Nicole Moudaber at no.93, tINI at no.90, Sonja Moonear at 83, Lena Willikens at 76, Helena Hauff at 31, Nina Kraviz at 22 and The Black Madonna at no 10. RA’s live acts top 100 however, doesn’t feature a single woman, showing there’s still a long way for us to go. Props to Mixmag’s top 20 however, which features 6 out of 20 women – Sonja Moonear at 20, Helena Hauff at 12, Honey Dijon at 11, Nastia at 8, Nina Kraviz at 5, and the top spot going to The Black Madonna, a hugely well-deserved crown. It should perhaps be mentioned the RA lists are a readers’ polls, where the Mixmag list is selected by staff – maybe suggesting industry folks are more open to supporting women and diversity, where the general public and consumer are perhaps the ones we need to educate. Until we see a more equal representation of Women, Trans, Queer and People of Colour from all backgrounds and ethnicities within the electronic dance scene, discussions still need to take place. A few weeks back at Take Note conference, a really interesting panel, addressed exactly this and how we can continue to diversify and educate, (you can view the 30 min panel HERE). Here at Lipstick Disco, we aim to continue to promote and support female artists – to bring you their news, their releases, their gigs and general discussions, to promote awareness and continue to do our bit, however small to try and even out the playing field.

Special mentions should go to some other wonderful groups globally, also keeping the discussion alive. SheSaidSo – a steadily growing global network of women working behind the scenes in the industry, which is platform for discussions, and reaching out for help and advice from others in the industry. Female Pressure, much like She said so, this is a network platform for women in music, however largely catered for artists and DJ’s rather than women working behind the scenes. Mint – A Berlin based network for women in House and Techno music, with monthly (all female line-up) clubnights, an all-female DJ agency they also offer workshops, for women to learn DJ-ing and production. Discwoman – a NYC based platform, collective and booking agency representing and showcasing cis women, trans women and genderqueer talent in electronic music. Siren – an all-female collective, throwing queer parties promoting female and non-binary artists. Rhythm Sister – A DJ collective & platform, created to support and promote female-identified/genderqueer artists, running parties and mix-sessions, to help female-identified DJ’s swap and learn new skills.

Off the back of all the ‘Top Artists of 2016’ lists, we decided to create our own end of year list, a musical advent, in the run up to Christmas. We wanted to represent women from all levels, from as many backgrounds and corners of the globe as we could. It’s not exhaustive. There were so many incredible women we wanted to include, 24 doesn’t even scratch the surface, but it does raise the question why we don’t see a stronger female presence in end-of-year lists, because they’re certainly out there smashing it.

For our advent we wanted to give you a cross section, from up-and-coming artists and home-grown heroes, to local stalwarts, to the top dogs and long-standing big guns. The featured artists hail from; Berlin, London, NYC, Vienna, Siberia, Chicago, Amsterdam, Tel-Aviv, Arizona, Bristol, Melbourne, Columbia, Ghent, Manchester, Switzerland, Brazil, Detroit, Marseilles, Hawaii and Stockholm. Also, let’s not skirt over the fact that the majority of have found themselves based in the music mecca that is Berlin – still clearly at the forefront of the electronic music world.

For each of the 24 posts, we focused on the artist’s achievements from 2016, and presented one of their releases from this year. it seems only logical, to round the advent and the year off with our final Monthly Mixtape of the year – a mix featuring all of the songs, from these incredible artists of our advent, mixed by myself Michelle Manetti – the Chief Editor. Click on each artist’s picture to view the artist’s advent feature and individual track.

advent-01-lauren-flax-3-2016 joyce-3-2016 virginia the-black-madonna-3 hannah-3 cassy-3
alinka-3 bgwg-3 avalon-3 maya-3 shanti-3 shinedoe-3
juliet-3 honey-3 nina-kraviz-3 gina-3 kate-simko-3 la-fleur-3
rroxymore-3 lupe-fuentes-3 ena-lind-3 kim-ann-3 anja-3 charlotte-de-witte-3


01. Lauren Flax – U Know (Nervous Records) (2016.11.21)
02. Kate Simko & LEO – Waiting Games (Dub mix) (The Vinyl Factory) (2016.06.22)
03. Virginia – Funkert (Dub) (Ostgut Ton) (2016.05.06) **
04. Nina Kraviz – Don’t Mind Wrong Keys (Trip) (2016.05.20)
05. La Fleur – Bloomer (Watergate Records) (2016.08.29)
06. Avalon Emerson – Dystopian Daddy (2016.11.25)
07. Shinedoe – Rubber Band (Intacto) (2016.10.17)
08. Cassy – Back (Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie’s Remix) (Aus Music) (2016.06.10) **
09. Anja Schneider – Sunny Side Up (Mobilee Records) (2016.07.14)
10. L.M.Y.E – Manhattan (Shanti Celeste Remix) (Idle Hands) (2016.09.09)
11. Ena Lind – The Wisdom To Know The Difference (Original Mix) (Twirl) (2016.09.30)
12. Rroxymore – Organ Smith (Don’t Be Afraid Records) (2016.11.04)
13. Lupe Fuentos – Can’t Go On (MadTech) (2016.10.07)
14. Black Girl _ White Girl – Body Heat (Original Mix) (Flashmob) (2016.12.09) **
15. Maya Schenk – Naked (Henri) (2016.07.08)
16. Honey Dijon & Argy – Just Fierce (These Days) (2016.02.22)
17. Juliet Fox & Dereck Marin – Ride It Again (My Favourite Freaks) (2016.12.09)
18. Kim Ann Foxman – Give It All You Got (Original) (Firehouse) (2016.08.19)
19. The Carry Nation – Breakwater (Hannah Holland Remix) (Get Up Recordings) (2016.11.28)
20. Lil’ Mark Ft. Della – It’s Acid (Alinkas Strasse Remix) (Twirl) (2016.11.04)
21. Gina Breeze – Disco Hoe (Original Mix) (Get Up Recordings) (2016.06.27)
22. Tiga – Blondes Have More Fun (The Black Madonna ‘Immaterial Girl’ Remix) (2016.08.15)
23. Joyce Muniz & Wehbba Ft. Angelique Bianca – Sleepless (Exploited) (2016.10.03)
24. Charlotte de Witte – Varpulis (Suara) (2016.03.28)

** these tracks, are slightly different from the one’s featured in the artist’s advent, for the sake of sitting more comfortably in the mix.

Here’s to 2017 and the continued support of these incredible artists and other female and female-identified artists alike. Thank you for reading, sharing, liking, and supporting us here at Lipstick Disco this year!

Festive greetings and here’s to a Happy, equal and diverse 2017

Michelle Manetti (chief editor)


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