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Avalon Emerson – Natural Impasse

2016 November 18
by Michelle Manetti


Avalon Emerson is everything that’s right about ‘geek chic’ and her latest video proves just why. Not only is she an incredible producer and songwriter, but the video for ‘Natural Impasse’ which is the opening track of her latest EP ‘Narcissus In Retrograde’ is created filmed and edited by herself.

“All of the clips are from my personal phone video archive taken over the last half a year or so. I trimmed each video, turned them into gifs, and processed them into various emojisaic gifs using a ruby utility created by my friend Lucas Mathis, then I edited them all together, a process that took me about two months.”

Not only is the music a wonderful display of her impeccable production, but the video is a perfect and potentially political visual compliment. Perhaps the turning of her own escapades into visial emojis, is her trying to make a statement about how social media and the internet have started to dicate how we create our daily journeys, how we are prepelled into the purpetual notion that we must film, photograph, publicise, share, like, tweet, everything about our daily lives, or perhaps she just wanted to geek around with some DIY utility her friend built, either way it’s genuis and we love it.

Details on the release:

Artist Avalon Emerson
Title Narcissus In Retrograde
Label Spectral Sound
Release Date 25 Nov 2016


01. Natural Impasse
02. Dystopian Daddy
03. Why Does It Hurt
04. Groundwater


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