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Batty Bass In Retrograde

2015 July 22

Batty Bass records is a home grown East London label, spawned from Hannah Holland and Mama’s infamous Batty Bass club night, which was a no-holds-barred, dirty bastard-bass music; sweaty tits, club kids and non-stop ass-shaking kinda affair. Back in the days when East London was still ‘cool’ and ‘underground’ this was the mother night of the East London queer scene.

Batty Bass records sporadically releases top-quality EP’s of Dirty Bass-driven House music that makes you want to shake your big booty, from Hannah, Mama and their friends; it’s all top-notch stuff and this latest EP is absolutely no exception.

Vocalist Mama opens the EP with ‘Top’, a laid back deep soulful groove, with heavy sombre piano chords, wrapped in fizzing kinetic percussion’s, overlaid with Mamas soulful vocal.

Next up comes Alinka & Shaun J Wrights offering. This Chicago based duo are quite the unstoppable pair right now, collaborating together with ‘Twirl’ their own label and party as well as DJing and producing together, their sound is absolutely on point; add to the mix Shaun’s distinctive vocals and you have a sure fire hit every time, ‘Way Back’ absolutely hits the spot, this sleazy house jam with stripped down drums, is dominated Shaun’s vocals by and an infectious trippy beeping synth, that teases the subtle bouncing baseline.

‘Believe This’ from NYC based ‘The Carry Nation‘ is a harder hitting affair, relentless rhythms, choppy vocals and dynamic atmospheric swells.

‘Space Rage’ is a soundclash between The Carry Nation, Hannah Holland and Josh Caffe, quite the force to be reckoned with. This is hard-ass bastard house.

Hannah and Mama step in for the 5th track of the EP ‘Body Bold’, a US House number, with skipping garage beats and warm soulful sustained old-skool style synths that resonate through the track, jazzed up with a few subtle vocal licks from Mama.

Last but not least, Hannah brings it home with ‘Night Bend’ ft. Sasha Perera, a bass-lead, trippy dubbed out track, with eastern oriental sensibilities.

The EP shows a range of diversity and dynamics in it’s sound showing off the sparkling eclecticism of Batty Bass, it’s owners Hannah HollandMama and their friends, yet still pertaining to one common theme, top-quality badd ass tunes.

Batty bass used to reside at The Star of Bethnal Green, which is where I’ve been holding girl-led ‘Pitch Slap’ night, Alinka was our first resident and provides one of the tracks for this EP, we also have Hannah booked to DJ for the night on Sep 12th (details to come) So it goes without saying, this EP is going straight into our favorites.


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