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Boyd Kelly – Peace Of Mind

2014 June 27
by Michelle Manetti

So we get a lot of music sent to us here at Lipstick Disco and we try to listen to everything, which takes laborious man hours. I liken it to trawling through the unkempt isles at TK Maxx, most of it doesn’t deserve a second look, but then you find a real gem it makes it all worth your while. Today’s little gem comes from 19 year old Melbourne based Boyd Kelly , who hit us up with these two delicious tracks that got me seriously excited! Deep Garage House with pumping bassline and Jackin synths, house music served up exactly how we like it. The first track, ‘Peace Of Mind’ which was posted just today, utilises Jimmy Ruffians classic vocal ‘What becomes of the Broken Hearted’ then ‘What You Need’ takes Dennis Edwards vocals from ‘Don’t Look Any Further. Two awesome tracks and looking forward to more from Boyd Kelly in the future.

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