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Cleavage – Jinx | 60 minutes of Cleavage

2014 February 10
by Michelle Manetti

I fell in love with the sound of Cleavage as soon as they sent me their first tracks ‘My Body’ and ‘Prove’ which I featured in previous posts. Seriously exceptional piano house. They then released two outstanding mixes back to back: ‘Pt1 Dressed’ with cool smooth vibes and ‘Pt2 Naked’, heavier, dirtier vibes, both equally outstanding.

Now they have unleashed a new beast: a 60 min video, of.. cleavage, not just of their music. but of actual cleavage. A ‘Live Art Experiment’ basically an excuse to throw paint onto a naked girl and film it. It’s literally just her cleavage in shot, along with other random objects that float past, but as crude as it sounds, it’s actually done very tastefully, filmed beautifully and edited very artfully. The sophisticated soundtrack to which it’s syncronsed is their mix ‘pt1 dressed’ how ironic, as the girl is certainly not dressed for the entire 60 mins.

I’m thoroughly enjoying their play on words and their marriage of visuals and music. I’m quite sure this mesmerising footage will become the favorite chosen chill out video for many an after-party. It’s got my vote that’s for sure. I eagerly await what Cleavage will come up with next. until then, enjoy this cleavage.

and here are the two mixes to stream:

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