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Domino effect Volume One

2013 November 5

If you’re anything like us and you like your house Deep and Dirty, with Killer hooks, swirling pads, haunting strings, bouncing beats, heavy basslines and Jackin grooves, then we’ve absolutely got the must have album for you: Enter Domino Effect. A pioneering new imprint from the UK heading things up with this incredible first album, which was released just a few weeks ago, featuring some of the hottest acts in the industry and some of Lipstick Disco’s fave producers to boot. Every track has been written to complete this first in a series of forthcoming editions that will define and showcase the labels undiluted love for House & Garage infused Bass.

Defect Volume One has a carefully selected handful of talent from the UK & overseas to kick-start things with a distinct, and quite frankly mind blowing blend, of sleazy bass, skippy percussion, chopped vox and sultry pads to force feed its listeners with euphoria and madness.

The result has turned out to be a debaucherous festival of bass, so take a dip!

1) Filthy Rich – Guilty Pleasure (Original Mix)
2) S. Jay & Ostertag – Domin’Hoes (Original Mix)
3) Kyle Watson – The Whip (Original Mix)
4) Dene Antony – Fly Away (Original Mix)
5) A Lister – Listen Up (Original Mix)
6) Ben Mono – No Lights (Original Mix)
7) Neville Bartos – Heat It Up (Original Mix)
8.) Low Steppa – The Fix (Original Mix)
9) Ste E – Flirtin (Original Mix)
10) Tobias – Reach (Original Mix)
11) Cera Alba – Now Is The Time (Original Mix)
12) Reppin 95 – Zulu Warrior (Original Mix)

Our faves are ‘S. Jay & Ostertag – Domin’Hoes’, ‘Dene Antony – Fly Away’ and ‘A Lister – Listen Up’ but quite frankly, it’s a touch choice becuase every single one is a banger!!

Defect Volume One [DEFECT001] :: Out now BEATPORT EXCLUSIVE by Domino Effect Records

Domino effect will be following up their debut release with this incredible EP from Billy Kenny, which is due for release Nov 11th. Kyle Watson provide the first remix a real sleazy take on the A-side ‘I Need U’ then Raffa FL & Ben Clarke provide the Knock Out re edits of ‘We Don’t Sleep’ It’s a huge EP.

Billy Kenny – Twisted Speaker EP [DEFECT002] 11/11/13 by Domino Effect Records

AND.. if that isn’t enough, Domino effect have also provided us with a free 2 track EP from one of Lipstick Disco’s faves S. Jay and it’s banging.

Domino Effect Free EP by Domino Effect Records

With this current track record, we’re pretty sure Domino Effect will continue to bring us slamming music and we’re hugely excited.

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