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Emanuel Satie ‘Your Body EP’

2015 October 12

Rewind back about 12 years, when I first started DJ-ing and buying records, Defected was always my go-to label, I pretty much bought (and still have) every 12” from their early catalogue. Fast forward today and the label is still putting out top quality tracks, the latest EP on the label from Berlin Based Emanuel Satie is primo example. Two solid house bangers, kicking off with ‘Your Body’ a bouncy and funky Tech House bomb, while on the flip, ‘Farewell’ takes things a little deeper, a progressive chugging groove, with soulful overtones. Killer vibes.

But while we’re on the defected tip, here’s a few more absolute killer tracks you should give a whirl.

Enzo Siffredi ‘Sometimes’ is a track I’ve been smashing out in my sets for a few months and it goes down a storm. This fun little uplifting house stomper perfectly utilises the vocals from Bessie Jones ‘Sometimes’ which was made famous by Moby’s ’98 hit ‘Honey’, every time I play it, I literally can’t help but clap my hands and stomp my feet in time with the beat. FUN

Hamberg based Sidney Charles ‘Power Of The Underground’ EP is a three track bomb that came out last month, but the title track is the winner, vibesy classic 4/4 house, with a hypnotic spoken sample ‘I want you to know the power of the underground’.. true dat!

Finally, another 3 track EP, this time from Amsterdam based ANOTR, again it’s the title track from ‘Strobe’ that wins hands down. But the entire EP is 100% dancefloor killer.


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