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2015 February 2


We’re super excited to bring you Juliet Fox’s guest mix, as the second in our mixtape series, where we deliver you exclusive DJ mixes from the finest female DJ talent across the globe.

Originally from Australia, Juliet Fox is currently living in London, but taking the world by storm. Last year she made her way onto the Tracksource top 100 artists for 2014  and a recent signing to Toolroom, a forthcoming release on Cajmere’s label Cajual Records and a remix for Vanilla Ace means it looks like 2015  will be even bigger. Her recent EP, which came out on Beatdown Music, where she’s the label manager, has also been making big waves, so let’s give you a slice of that first

Before we give you the mix, we caught up with Juliet for an interview.. to chat about, how she started DJ-ing, some of her influences and what’s in store for the future here’s what she had to say.

Can you describe your sound in 5 words?
Deep, dark, energetic, techno vibe

What inspired you to become a DJ and how did you get your first set?
I loved dance music from a very early age, and even made my older sister take me to my first club at the age of 14! I used to stand and glare at the DJ’s almost mesmerised by it all, and then after saving up I just went out and bought myself a pair of brand new Technic 1210s and starting mixing at home. It was a friend who then booked me not long after that for my first set.

What’s been the most difficult part of establishing yourself as a DJ?
The hardest thing for me has been all the moving around I have done. I had only been playing out a year when I moved from Adelaide, Australia over to Ibiza, then Birmingham for a year. Then back to Melbourne for two years, and then back over to Ibiza, and now I have been in London for a year. It was like I was starting all over again every time I moved!

What’s been the highlight of your career so far, or most memorable moment?
Its actually something that’s just happening right now, I’ve worked with some great labels and artists over the years, I also run my own label attraction music, but signing with Toolroom has definitely been an achievement for me, its such a respected and global brand, to be involved with them is fantastic! We’re currently working on some really exciting plans for the year, both musically and for the live side of things, so I’m really excited about what’s to come this year.

You’re originally from Australia how would you say the scene differs over there to here in the UK?
The house music scene has definitely improved on the last few years in Australia, and its great to see so many UK & European producers playing over there more regularly now. I’m actually touring back mid February so cant wait to get back again to play, as its been a year now since I was last there.

What bought you to London?
I had wanted to move to London for about 10 years! It was between London & Berlin actually, and I thought I would try out London after my second season out in Ibiza, and see how it went as I had a few friends there, and everything just flowed! I love the city and the house scene in London and the UK totally leads the way, Berlin is still on my cards though!

You mentioned you have your own Label, tell us a bit about that and your vision for it’s future?
I want to build Attraction Music up as a brand, and something that also represents me. I think its important as a DJ/Producer to also have another avenue to portray yourself. I also want to showcase the label by hosting my own parties globally in the near future.

And as well as owning Attraction Music, you’re also the Label Manager at Beatdown Music, where you released your latest EP [featured above] but what have you got up your sleeve for the future productions and collaborations?
I’m currently working on a whole bunch of solo productions, really focusing on a fresh sound, but with those deep techno undertones. I’ve got a release coming on Cajmere’s label Cajual Records which is due for release mid next month, and I’ve also just finished a remix for Vanilla Ace which is due to be released on Simma Black around the Miami winter music conference. In this mix is actually two unsigned tracks I have recently finished with Hauswerks, and you can also expect to hear something very soon forthcoming on Toolroom!

We first met at Housewife, which is an East London based monthly night, that hosts an a female DJ line-up, tell us a bit about your involvement with that.
Funny enough I meet Toni (one of the girls that started Housewife) in Maidstone almost a year ago, which is where the Toolroom HQ is based. She wanted to get me on board as a resident, which has been great to be involved with especially only being quite new to London. I have meet some amazing and very talented female DJs/Producer through Housewife, and its great to see such a strong female presence coming up in the house music scene.

Here at Lipstick disco we like to give the girls a shout, so tell us who’s your favourite and most inspiring fellow female DJs?
Most inspiring producers would have to be the likes of Nicole Moudaber, Maya Jane Coles, Joyce Muniz, Nora En Pure, Nina Kraviz, Ida Engberg…my list could go on! ha! But also all the girls involved with Housewife especially Toni (Sacha Schwarz), Jasmin, and Lisa Loud who established it.

And finally, What’s your drink of choice?
Red wine is definitely my favourite! But when I’m playing out, everyone knows how much love tequila!!!

So there you go, next time you see Juliet behind the decks, grab her a tequila, but for now, get stuck into this mix.



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