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2015 April 6


So it’s bank holiday Monday and what better way to wind down from a long weekend, than to sit back and listen to some delicious deep melodic house and we’ve got the perfect mix for you. We’re super excited to have Pretty Pink deliver us our fourth exclusive DJ mix for the Lipstick Disco mixtape series. She has been dishing up some awesome productions of late, her most recent EP which came out on Suara last month has been making some major waves, take a little listen to ‘Gunfire’ EP here.

We managed to catch up with Pretty Pink for an interview, a little insight into her musical world

Can you describe your sound in 5 words?
melodic, deep, tasteful, exciting & stunning

Where did your name ‘Pretty Pink’ come from?
The name “Pretty Pink” evolved from a project name of my very first musical ideas into an upgrown concept. We treat the concept like a brand, with care and passion. It’s an old but caty name that incorporates sound, style and a stroke of colour.

You were risen in the deep, dark woods of Harz in Germany, has your country upbringing influenced your music style?
No matter how hard you try – as an artist you are always getting influenced by your surroundings. When I think about my roots and the countryside, it always leaves me with an atmospheric impression behind. The sound I make is like an atmospheric walk trough the woods, if you look closely you can find the beauty of details.

You have a background in design, how did you then turn to music? and does your design experience play a part in your music career?
As an artist – I’m always trying hard to set new goals and find the next kick. Music is very similar to design – you craft your work in your own little world and release it to the public. The entire concept of Pretty Pink is a mixture of art and sound.

How did you get your first ever DJ set?
I just tried it out.

What’s been the most difficult part of establishing yourself as a DJ?
The most difficult part – even today – is to say “no”.

You’ve got a few productions and remixes under your belt, what have you got up your sleeve for the future?
The future is hard to predict but … we have a lot of very good collaborations lined up!

Here at Lipstick disco we like to give the girls a shout, so tell us who’s you’re favourite and most inspiring fellow female DJ?
Nina Kravitz :)

And finally, What’s your drink of choice?
pink water :)

Now sit back and enjoy the music.


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