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2015 June 3
by Michelle Manetti


So we have a little midweek humpday goodness for you from the wonderful Maya Schenk. German born Maya caught the attention of us girls at Lipstick Disco a little while back, consistently providing awesome slick productions of pure unadulterated House music, teetering on the edge of Tech-House with serious soulful vibes. Maya also incorporates her own vocals within her tracks; her sexy European tinged accent not too dissimilar to the vocals of Miss Kittin, perfectly compliment her beautifully crafted productions. We’re not the only ones who’s taken a shine to Maya of late, her last few releases have been picked up and supported by the likes of Jamie Jones, Todd Edwards, Roger sanchez, Hot Since 82, Maxxi Soundsystem and more. As comfortable on the decks as she is in the studio, we’re super happy to have Maya provide us with this months guest mix.

Additionally Maya Schenk will also be headlining the next ‘Pitch Slap’ which is Lipstick Disco’s co-promoted night at The Star Of Bethnal Green. You can catch her there on 13th June sharing the decks with our very own Michelle Manetti, supported by Miss B and co-promoter Sandra Le. More details on the night in our post HERE or on the facebook page HERE

We caught up with Maya Schenk for a little interview, here’s what she had to say.

Describe your sound in 5 words?
Bassline-driven, melodic, jackin’ love!

You spend most of your time in the studio on productions, which often feature your own vocals, what’s the biggest musical inspiration for your tracks?
Creatively, I think the tools you are using have a massive influence on your creative process. I love Ableton Push for example, which I always produce with. Music-wise, obviously it varies, one day it can be Sister Nancy and another day it can be early Junior Boys Own (genuine examples ;-).

What inspired you to become a DJ / Producer and tell us a bit about your journey so far?
I’ve written music ever since I was a teenager and had my first copy of Fruity Loops when I was 15. I fell in love with house music when I went to a rave called ‘Nature One’ near to were I grew up (the local families all got free tickets to keep them sweet about 40,000 people raving on their doorsteps). so it all came together at some point :)

What’s been the most difficult part of establishing yourself?
Finding the money to survive! Fortunately that side of things is improving finally!

You have a background in art, what made you transition to music and does your art still play a part?
I started playing around with vocals and rhythms for art exhibitions, and I just got more and more into it. I still draw and paint, but its completely fallen onto the back foot because music is my main thing.

You’re originally from Germany and of Eastern European descent; do you draw influence from this heritage musically?
I think so. I think that music you are exposed to as a child is a very important factor in your development. A lot of folkloric Eastern music has very interesting harmonics and driving rhythms – a lot of it can easily be confused for Latin and Mediterranean music, rhythmically. I think that a lot of this can be felt in my music.

You’re now based here in London, what are your favourite things about the music scene here?
That stuff is actually happening around you. There are a lot of exciting artists in my studio complex, trying out new things, reproducing old things… I find the vibe in my environment very inspiring. Within my studio complex I am basically in a vibrating, creative hub.

We hear your have some exciting releases scheduled, what can we expect coming our way?
Yes, I am very excited about my next EP ‘Fly With Me’ being released by Nervous Record in July! Can’t wait for that to happen! Also, I have an exciting single release over the summer on another very exciting label. I can’t speak about it yet properly, but the track is called ‘Just Relax (Be With Me)’. Watch out for that one!

Here at Lipstick Disco we like to give the girls a shout, so tell us who’s your favourite and most inspiring fellow female DJ?
Of all time, I think it has to be Spinderella, the DJ from Salt’N’Pepa. At their height in the late 80s and early 90s, there were loads of female MCs, but almost no female DJs, so in that respect she was years ahead of her time.

In terms of contemporary DJs – and I’m really not just saying that because she runs Lipstick Disco – I’m a big fan of Michelle Manetti. I’ve never known anybody spend so much time going through music – it puts me to shame!  (blush thanks :)

And finally, What’s your drink of choice?
Vodka tonic, please!

So there you go, come down to Pitch slap on the 13th June and check out Maya’s set, make sure you get a Vodka Tonic at the ready and in the meantime, sit back and listen to this little treat of a guest mix from her.

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