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2015 September 29
by Michelle Manetti


After a little one months hiatus for August we’re back with another mixtape for our all female mixtape series. This one comes from the talented Manchester based DJ and Producer Miss B aka Gina Breeze. I had the pleasure to DJ with Gina when we booked her to come and play at our night Pitch Slap a couple of months back, along with Maya Schenk, she layed down some pretty awesome beats! I’m also super excited to be joining her on the decks this Saturday at Beatnik in Manchester (check the event HERE), so it seemed fitting to get her to put together a mix to help us see out September. I caught up with Gina, to get some lowdown on her musical journey & inspirations.

Describe your sound in 5 words?
A hot, sweaty warehouse rave!

Where was your first DJ set and how did it come about?
I ended up at an afterparty and met Leon Dipace who ran a weekly night at Revolution in Bradford. After mixing into the early hours, he offered me a set. I only played vinyl at the time and remember him also introducing me to Beatport and CDJ’s! This was a different world for me. . it took me a while to let my records go!

What’s been your most memorable set to date and why?
My most memorable set has to be the G-Stage in the Dance Village at Glastonbury Festival. I was invited to play here really early on in my DJ career, the whole experience was incredible! I had never been to the festival before and the whole vibe was electric. I would love love love to play back there! 

We’re loving the Christy Love remix you did for Get Up recordings recently that we Blogged HERE How did the remix come about?
Thank you! This remix was a real last minute kinda thing, after releasing my debut E.P with Get Up Recordings we have a good relationship, and I was asked to do this mix with a few days to go. . I work so much better under pressure, and I’m super happy with the way the mix turned out. I love remixing and collaborating, it’s my favourite way of working. Loved Christy Love’s Acid beats too. . it was lots of fun reworking this track.

Do you have any forthcoming remixes or releases up your sleeve we should know about?
My next collaboration is on more of a techno tip, which i’m excited to finish and get out there. I am working with an old friend Nafro Sounds, who has an amazing collection of analogue hardware which we are loving playing around with. I work pretty much in the box other than my Roland TR8 which I am in love with, so getting hands on with this equipment is really working for me. I did just purchase my first synth though (Roland System-1) which I can’t wait to use.

You’re based up in Manchester, how does the scene up there differ from London?
I think the clubbing scene in Manchester is always thriving, I was too young to experience the Haçienda days but with mighty The Warehouse Project bringing top class artists on a regular basis, there really is a buzz around the music scene. There is also plenty of quality smaller parties that are cropping up in some wicked venues. I have played a hand full of times in London, it is always a great vibe.

If you could play at any Club in the world, what would be your number one choice and why?
My number one choice of club. . (this is a tough one) would have to be Watergate in Berlin. . I love the intimate feel and how close the DJ is to the crowd . . when the sun comes up and everyone is still dancing, it is magical. It would be incredible to play there!

What’s been your biggest source of inspiration?
I get a lot of inspiration from the different places I visit and from the festivals and events I go to. . My sound is constantly evolving and is influenced heavily by my DJ career starting off around Leeds, at SpeedQueen. The tracks I make are definitely for the dance floor. . My first night out in Leeds was to an after hours party, Glasshouse, this is the first time I really appreciated house music, and my love for it blossomed from there.

Here at Lipstick disco we like to give the girls a shout, so tell us who’s your favorite and most inspiring fellow female DJs?
So anyone who knows me with be bored of how much I love Heidi. . such a amazing DJ . . but last year I saw Miss Kittin for the first time in Barcelona and this was one of the best performances I have seen! Singing ‘I Feel Love’ during her DJ set . . so much respect for that lady. . . I am a big fan of Ellen Allien too. .

And finally, What’s your drink of choice?
Hmm. . I do love a nice G&T . . my favourite at the minute though is an espresso martini. . although probably not great for the DJ booth !


And here’s the mix in all it’s glory, listen on Mixcloud HERE:

and soundcloud HERE:



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