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2016 April 1
by Michelle Manetti

KIM_ANH_HIGHLINE-Ballroom NYC-stacyfinnaren

No 14 of our mixtape series comes from LA’s sassiest multi-talented DJ / Vocalist / Producer / Promoter Kim Anh, whos just delivered this little mini-mix to warm us up for her UK arrival, as she’ll be in town playing with me 2moro night (02/04/16) at Dick and Fanny VS Yowsah at the Arch Galleries, check out the party HERE for sure this is one not to be missed, last time she ripped the place up and tore the house down and if this mix is anything to go by, they’ll be a repeat performance in store for sure. So I caught up with Kim Anh in transit, to see what’s in store for this weekend, what treats she has in store for the forthcoming months and life in LA.

Describe your sound in 5 words?
New York City 1994.

You’re currently living in LA, how’s the House music scene out there right now and how do you see it evolving?
House music is more accessible than ever in LA; for party people and djs alike.  There are more warehouse parties than one can attend each weekend.  It always felt like house music parties in LA were for the “heads”… but I think that’s changed a lot.  The new generation of ravers are discovering house and techno for the first time and they’re embracing it wildly.  I think it has opened up new opportunities for djs to share their sound and diversify nightlife.

You run a couple of your own parties in LA, tell us a bit about these.
YOWSAH, named as an homage to Chic, is my main residency in Los Angeles now. The sound of YOWSAH is very rooted in groove tracks. Classic jackin’ house, gospel influences, deep disco and bits of low slung funk and disco. I play long sets there and often play to back to back with my guests. It’s just an all around good vibe.  One of my favorite things about YOWSAH is that it gives me to opportunity to invite my favorite artists to dj with me. I love being able to support other djs, especially other women and my LGBTQ family.

We’re super excited that you’re bringing YOWSAH to London this weekend for a little one­-off special (and I get the pleasure to play with you for the third time) how did this come about, and what treats do we have in store?
I’m thrilled that Dick And Fanny has been resurrected for this event. They’re one of the best parties in London and they’ve been incredibly supportive of me and my work for years. I really wanted to host a YOWSAH outside of Los Angeles and when DAF came onto the table in support it was like YASSSS <death drop>.

There are so many treats in store. Last time you booked me for Pitch Slap Vula and Brendan Reilly came through and tore the roof off with their surprise live vocals. Since then Vula and I have been on a rager, with me on decks and her on the mic. So we’ve made it official this time. But as you know, we won’t stop there. That’s all I’ll say for now. I have a surprise guest dj in store. The confirmed secret guest is an immense talent based here in the UK. I can’t really say much else at the moment.  But I promise those who don’t make it will have severe fomo on Sunday 😛

I’m really looking forward to dj’ing with you again. You have fabulous talent and I love your sound.

#blush# thanks, ditto for sure! So as well as running nights, being a DJ and generally being the sassy girl about town, you’re also a pretty slick producer, last time we spoke to you, you’d just released your first solo EP Shadows (CHECK THIS HERE), is there a follow up to come soon?
Yes! I’ve been writing lots since the release and have been in the studio working on some collaborations and features. I will definitely have more releases featuring my vocals. Vula and I have also co­written a track together that features her incredible vocals.  Look out for us come summer :)

Yesss, exciting, killer combo, we’ll def be suporting that one! So we also hear you’ve just done a remix for Peaches, how did this come about and when’s the official release?
I met Peaches years ago at a dinner in Berlin and we realized we both had a flight at the same time the day after. We met for coffee and shared a car and stories up until our flights left. I’m lucky to say she has been a friend ever since. How often does a muse become a friend? I ran into her last year at a Grace Jones concert and amidst all the screaming she asked me if I would remix for her new album and that she’d already picked a track for me. I think I literally replied “DUH!!”… It was just after “Shadows” came out and she expressed how much she liked the track.

Another lovely coincidence … the first DAF I ever played (2010) was with Maya Jane Coles and we are now on this same release together … on the same vinyl side too I think haha …

Throughout your musical career so far, describe one of your most magical musical moments, a favourite memory from one of your gigs. ​
This question is so difficult! Can I say a few? Playing at Berghain. Supporting The Knife for one of their last shows ever (let’s hope they have a reunion tour). Playing back to back with Roy Davis Jr. Crying at sunrise playing Orbital’s Belfast open air… well because sometimes the sky is overwhelmingly beautiful.

Among your many multi­faceted musical talents, as you’ve already mentioned you’re also a vocalist, so if your friends were to drag you down to the local Kare­oke bar, what’s your guilty pleasure song you’d choose to sing? ​
Definitely tons of 90s rnb, Donna Summer, Evelyn Champagne King … I would sing more Chaka if I had the chops. I mean who can hit those notes?!

As you know, here at Lipstick Disco we like to support the musical ladies doing their thing, so tell us who your favourite fellow female DJ / musicians are.
I just had the pleasure of playing with Joyce Muniz last weekend.  She’s amazing. Magda, Ellen Allien, Black Madonna, Honey Dijon, Alinka, Kim Ann Foxman, Venus X … to name a few​ .

And one final question we always ask, what’s your drink of choice?
Tomorrow night it will be tequila.

So there you are, come down tomorrow night to Dick and Fanny VS YOWSAH, to catch Kim Anh, Vula, Me + some other special treats, buy Kim Anh a Tequila and in the meantime, press play on this badboy to get you in the mood.


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