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2016 May 6
by Michelle Manetti


No 15 of our mixtape series has just dropped and Slovenian-born, Glasgow-based Maya Medvesek aka Nightwave has delivered a 35 min, slick, sassy, sleazy and full of energy melting pot of techno, grime, house, rave and dirty sweaty beats. Prepare to get your heart racing and your blood pumping.

I’m also super excited she’ll be joining me on May 14th in London to headline Fèmmme Fraîche at Dalston Superstore, along with one of our previous Guest Mix DJ’s Gina Breeze. Check out the event on Facebook HERE.

I had a chat with Nightwave about Glasgows nightlife, her Clubnight Nightrave, Label Heka Trax and what we have in store for next Sat night.

Describe your sound in 5 words?
Techno, grime, housey, ravey, sleazy

You’re originally from Ljubljana (Slovenia) via London, and now living in Glasgow, what made you venture and settle up there? I moved from Ljubljana to expand my horizons, I love Slovenia but it’s too small for me. I moved to Glasgow because I love the vibe, love the people and the banter and it’s about 3 times cheaper than London and I can have a much better lifestyle up here.

And how is the music scene up in Glasgow? What’s your favourite clubs and nights up there? It’s brilliant, maybe even too good-I feel like I’m out all the time if I’m in town.  There’s so much on and sometimes thats a challenge for both the clubbers and the promoters! My favourite clubs are La Cheetah where I do my night Nightrave, Sub Club, Art School and I also love The Rum Shack where I now do my night Bam Bam.

So tell us a little bit about your night Nightrave? I started Nightrave 3 years ago, mainly to be able to hear more music I love (Glasgow is heavily dominated by house and techno) like grime, booty, footwork…I also wanted to help rebalance the gender situation a bit as the line ups are severely male up here and I thought even if I help a little bit, things will start to change. It’s certainly getting better but we all have to make a lot of noise and demand more diversity in clubs.

Our thoughts exactly! So as well as being a DJ, Producer, Vocalist and promoter you’re also a label boss and run Heka Trax, what spurred you to start your own label? And how do you find juggling this with your other musical ventures? I’ve always dreamt of having a label since I was a teenager and I just love finding and sharing new music and hopefully give a start in the industry to some more unknown producers. I also hate waiting around so Heka Trax helps me to release my own music fast if I so wish. I enjoy the juggling, I drink a lot of coffee but I also wouldn’t mind an intern *hint hint*

Shout outs right there, any interns in da house?? So you also have a pretty hectic schedule of shows lined up, have you had much time to get in the studio and if so can we expect any releases from you soon? I’ve been working loads for the last year and put a lot of love, emotion, heartbreak, all sorts into my next record and I hope to release it after Summer with a club EP before that. I’ve worked with some excellent rappers as well, really excited for you all to hear it.

Awesome, we’re excited to hear it! So among your show schedule, we’re super excited to have you in London to be headlining Femmme Fraiche at Dalston Superstore Sat 14th, what kind of treats can we expect from your set? Sexy ravey party music! Dress to sweat!

Hell Yeah!! Now let’s go back to 2011, you were selected for the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy sessions, how did that come about and what did it entail. I did the dreaded 26 page questionnaire and applied and miraculously got in! It was the best and most valuable musical experience of my life and it really helped me get that final push in totally immersing myself in the industry. It gave me the courage to drop my job, take a risk and have faith in my work. And the Universe fortunes the brave!

Indeed it does. So what was it that first inspired you to become a DJ? Hmmm. I think ever since I went to my first rave back in the 90s, I even have mixtapes I did with cassettes back then… They weren’t amazing but I wanted to DJ since forever-my Dad also had a club in Switzerland and I saw him DJ and my Mum and I toured with his band since I was born. As a teenager I guess I wanted to impress some boys, it didn’t really work but I became a decent DJ haha.

Touché! So tell us, what’s been one of your most memorable DJ moments to date? Sonar 2012 is still up there as my favourite, it really felt like a breakthrough, the crowd were amazing and I cried a bit on stage at the end!! Apart from that definitely The Sub Club.

Here at Lipstick Disco we like to give the musical ladies a shout out, who gets your honourable mention? Of course! Ikonika, Jubilee, Star Eyes, Nina Las Vegas, Louisahhh, Shy One, Kozee, Miss Djax

And one final question we always ask, what’s your drink of choice?
I fuckin love beer and also love a Heradurra Tequila Reposado

Perfect, so there you have it, pop along to Dalston Superstore next Saturday for some sexy sweaty beats, buy Maya a Beer or Tequila and in the meantime, press play on this badboy. Enjoy.


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