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2016 July 15
by Michelle Manetti


No 17 of our mixtape series come from Italian born / London based Techno godess – Ireen Amnes, one of London’s freshest new rising talents, we’re thrilled to have her as this months guest for our mixtape series. We had a chat with Ireen about her crossover from Rock & Metal to Techno, the music scene in her hometown Rome, her new residency at Egg and More.

Hi Ireen, thanks for the awesome mix, so before we take a listen, how would you Describe your sound in 5 words? Intense, angry, melancholic, emotional, unexpected

You’ve carved out quite a unique sound for yourself, but we hear you originally came from a Rock background and crossed over into electronic music, what was it that prompted your transition into Techno? In my opinion, moving from rock and metal into the techno world is a very small step. Both genres share heavy sounds and a big range of dynamics. After being a lead singer in heavy rock bands for years I found the same contrasting feelings of anger and calm when I am playing or producing techno.

So as well as being a DJ and producer, you’re also a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, but which of your skills did you hone in on first and how did the others feed in? I honestly don’t remember a day in my life where music hasn’t been my main passion and ambition. I probably started singing as soon as I spoke my first word and then at age 10 I began taking actual vocals lessons and later on started playing the guitar and piano. I got my first gig as a singer in a cover band at age 13 and that was how I spent every Saturday night throughout my teenage years.

You’re originally from Rome, Italy and held a residency there at the prestigious Rashomon Club, as well as appearances in other Major clubs in the city, but how is the scene in Rome? and do you go back to play in your home city very often? Italy is not as famous for its clubbing scene as its food, however I believe that cities like Rome and Turin have been developing a very interesting underground vibe with great events and bookings. On the other hand I don’t feel like Rome gives enough space to emerging artists that are not ‘in the circle’ of the same promoters and DJs that rule the scene. I hope I will be going back to play in my hometown very soon though!

You relocated from Italy and are now based here in London, how long have you been here and what bought you here to the Big Smoke? I have been living here since 2010.  At that time I decided to move because I wasn’t in a very good state of mind and also because I always thought that moving to a multicultural city like London would give my music career a push.

Which it certainly has. Another string to your musical career bow is promoter and you’re one the creators of ‘Under My Feet’ tell us a bit about the night. I have never been interested in being a promoter or organising events just to make money. Under My Feet. is a project that aims to give space to new underground talents who share the same passion for arts and music, and I am not only talking about DJs. Under My Feet. involves musicians, singers, photographers and artists and the event itself is all about good vibes and sharing the moment together.

Back to your DJ-ing, you’ve just recently landed a residency at Egg London, how did this come about? And when can we catch you there? That was the biggest achievement of my career this year. My working relationship with EGG (after having spent many club nights there) came about randomly. At one event I attended almost two years ago I found one of my business cards in my pocket and I decided to give it to the DJ I liked the most during the night, EGG resident Kyle E. After a couple of days I received a text from him saying that he listened to my Soundcloud page and liked my music. After that we started working together during studio sessions and I found his talent so motivating and inspiring. My track ‘True’ was featured in an online compilation by EGG Recordings. At the launch party for the compilation I played a closing set of almost three hours, keeping the dance floor alive until 10am, and I had the luck to be noticed by the management staff who decided to offer me a residency and embrace me into the family.

Coming up is the Mobilee Records night with Anja Schneider on 30th July and after that I’ll be playing once a month. Don’t miss my favourite night on October 15th, Berlin Berlin with Sisyphos stars Fidelity Kastrow and Jonty Skrufff.

Nice! we’ll makes sure we head along to those. Now it seems more DJs and Producers are turning to creating ‘live sets’ these days, as someone who performs both DJ and live sets equally, why do you think this shift is happening? I think many DJs simply add the word ‘live’ but don’t actually play a live performance. For up-and-coming DJs there is the desire to emerge and show the audience that there is something special about them in comparison to others. An ‘actual’ live set is not only a great show to watch but it also allows the performer to jam and follow the emotions of that moment with more freedom than with a simple DJ set.

Which do you prefer to perform? Live set or DJ? I love performing live and even when I am doing a DJ set I always bring at least my drum machine and a couple of pedals. I have recently incorporated the ROLI Rise Seaboard for my live set up and I am so looking forward to showing how great and flexible that instrument is.

You’ve also been plugging away in the studio, do you have any releases or collaborations lined-up we should look out for? A lot of exciting stuff is coming up, but I have to keep it a secret for now, so stay tuned!

We Will!! So as you know, here at Lipstick Disco we like to give support and respect to other women in music, who do your shout out’s go to? Name some of your favourite fellow female artists? Last summer I got to meet Coco Cole and since then she has been the most motivating person in my career. I find her extremely talented and humble and she is such a big inspiration for me. Another couple of fellow female artists I would like to shout out to are Timanti, for her personality, style and both production and Djing skills that are very impressive and unique; and multi-task visual artist, DJ and producer Cerina who’s simply a genius!

And one final question we always ask, what’s your drink of choice? A nice pint of Leffe.

So there you have it, go check out one of Ireens sets over at Egg, or her Under The Feet party, and be sure to buy her a pint of Leffe.

And here’s the mix. Happy listening.




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