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2016 August 24
by Michelle Manetti


This months mixtape has just arrived, and we’re very excited to have Hungarian born / Netherlands based Anett Kulcsar aka Dansor on the musical reigns for this months mix. One of Holland’s hotly tipped artists, she’s created a special mix for us comprising soley of female based productions. We had a chat with Anett about her first taste of club culture, her debut album ‘Theory Of Love’ which came out earlier this year, her label Comport records and more.

Hi Dansor, thanks for the allsome all women mix you’ve done for us, but before we take a listen, describe your sound in 5 words? Eclectic, deep, funky, spacey, catchy.

So what was your very first taste of club culture and when did you realise you wanted to be involved as more than just a voyeur? What inspired you to get behind the decks? Underground cult clubs like Black Hole & Tilos az A (Forbbiden A) were the first ones, I loved the raw vibe of them and later on the first acid parties of Budapest. However the motivation to start playing myself was definitely the psychedelic parties that were organised by my friends at some really amazing locations in Hungary – from thermal baths to valleys in the middle of the nowhere.

That sounds pretty crazy! Yes, you were born and raised in Budapest, Hungary but moved to The Netherlands in ’97 where you’ve remained and firmly established yourself since, but you headed back to the homeland to do a Hungarian mini tour this Summer, where did you been play? It was great to be back to my roots again and experience how things have evolved since last year. This was my first time playing at A38, which is the reincarnation of an Ukranian stone-carrier ship and now a well-known cultural venue on the Danube – it was a big surprise seeing some old and new friends back here. The next day I played at Ozora Festival, which was definitely my highlight of the summer and such a creative, inspiring experience again. Finished off with Sziget Festival where I played at the Beach hosted by Cokxpon Ambient Society. Had a lovely time and can’t wait to be back to play again in Hungary!

How does it differ playing in The Netherlands to Hungary? The international character makes the vibe of the Hungarian locations so different and nothing really compares to Ozora, Sziget or A38– I love the energy of all these different nationalities being one and dancing together. If you look at most of the festivals in the Netherlands, the public is still primarily Dutch… of course with some exceptions like Amsterdam Dance Event. They are definitely better organised though which is a really good thing on one side especially as the events are getting bigger. On the other side it can make things less spontaneous, which I think is a pity.

You’ve run a number of your own Club nights in The Netherlands, tell us a bit about how each of those came about. My very first concept was ‘WomenWaves’ which I actually started after playing for the first time with Alison Marks in club Stalker. It was around the progressive house period and if I think back to it now it was super creative. We did our own deco, visuals & performances.

After I met Szilvia Harsz, an ex classmate from Budapest, at a party where we were both invited to play at. We decided to start our ‘Budapest Delight’ nights @ Vaaghuyzen, which I still consider to be one of the coolest underground venues with the international character of Amsterdam. Unfortunately the venue closed after 10 years, but we are still continuing ‘Budapest Delight’ whenever we get the chance.

‘HOTCHPOTCH’, is a live electronica concept and this is where I had my album premiere during Amsterdam Dance Event last year at Sugarfactory. I was also co-organising ‘Black Light District’ for a while with The Anthony Bros, which was a really fun black light party with our own deco and some amazing performances too. During the years we’ve done some Comport Records showcases at different locations in Amsterdam and Haarlem and right now I’m looking for a venue where I have the possibility to hopefully be able to go higher with the budget and be able to do some cool stuff with international artists appearing on the label.

Last but not least this year, after the album release I started ‘BLEND’ which is our monthly Friday night now @ Westergasterras, it’s more a ‘take it easy’ concept with each edition our own dedicated cocktail for that night only. The names are mostly inspired by our releases like ‘Hunger of the Steel’ or ‘Moving Your Way’.

Now earlier this year you released your debut album ‘Theory Of Love’ on your label Comport Records, congratulations!. How long did it take you to make the album, what were your main influences for the material and how did it feel to be able to self-release the material on your own imprint? It’s a retrospective album covering, let’s say, the last 10 years of my life. Every tune was inspired by a different period and moments whether it was a happy, playful, angry, romantic, weird or sad one. Actually I had no idea all these tunes would end up on my label as an album until about two years ago when I got this idea and started to focus on fine tuning and finishing them for this purpose. During all these years I was listening to many different genres besides electronic music and you’ll probably hear all these influences within it.

It wasn’t easy at all but I’ve learnt a lot during this whole album process. It feels really great to have all these tracks finally out and it’s an honour to get the support of DJ Mag UK, John Digweed, Jonty Scrufff as well as BBC6 Radio’s Nemone on the album tracks.


What other material have you got coming out on the label we should watch out for? We just released a wicked remix pack of ‘Hunger of the Steel’ taken from the album with reworks of Edouard!, Animal & Me, Mario Neha and Sean McCaff which I would definitely recommend checking out… and more super cool remixes are on the way. In terms of other artists, next up is a solo EP from Mario called Cuban Night, which will be a raw and jazzy one.

Ibiza Global TV premiered our first music video for the title track of ‘Theory Of Love’ Ft. Ayden Vice in May and I’m glad to have the multitalented director Rumex with her debut EP soon on our label as well. We also signed a couple of more local & international talents recently, so plenty of awesome material is coming up!


Pretty soon after you learnt to DJ and produce, you began to build a live set, back when very few other DJ’s were performing live, how was this initially received? And how has this since evolved? Yes, my current alter ego ‘DANSOR’ started out as graduate project from my Mediatechnology studies. It’s a fusion of the words ‘dance’ & ‘sensor’ because I attached some sensors to my body and was controlling some loops in Ableton with it. (Take a look HERE at an early performance) The people back then had difficulties to understand what I actually was doing and the technology was not always reliable, so I started to focus more and more on the production of music and started Comport. Now the album is done, I want to do more live gigs again but with the band setting.

You’ve already done a number of live performances of your ‘Theory Of Love’ album live, but what does your Live set today encompass (instruments / gear / other musicians)? And when is your next performance. Last year we translated the whole LP in to a live version with a drummer and bass player, so that’s how we premiered it during Amsterdam Dance Event. Dutch jazz trumpet player Saskia Laroo joined us as well for a couple of tracks. We also played the album this way – electronica, drums and bass – during the actual album release in Patronaat in my hometown Haarlem. Also we’ve just been selected for the Pop Price of Amsterdam, and so our next show is on the 14th September.

I really hope we manage to tour with the live band setup in the near future as I think it’s the best way to have a unique experience and enjoy the eclectic vibe of the album.


That looks super impressive! So shich do you prefer to play? A straight up DJ set or a Live set? And Why? No preference, I really love to do both! I like to take people on a spontaneous journey – that’s what DJing is all about for me. Live is more about the total experience & the show itself. Playing together with others is quite new to me, and feels really great.

At the end it all depends on the situation, the type of venue and its public. Many of the clubs are great for DJ sets but might not have the right facilities to do a gig with a live band, simply because they have a booth instead of a stage.

So rounding us off, as you know, here at Lipstick Disco we like to give support and respect to other women in music, who do your shout out’s go to? Name some of your favourite fellow female artists? I would like to mention Zoe Xenia, a great producer, vocalist and DJ – her ‘Avoid the Void’ single was our first Comport release. And I’m sure you’ll definitely hear more about the talented Rumex in the future as I mentioned before.

And one final question we always ask, what’s your drink of choice? I’m addicted to coconut water lately, it’s pure joy!

Thanks Dansor, so there you have it. Sit back and press play, and if you get the chance to hear Dansor play, take her some Coconut water and enjoy the musical ride.




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