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2017 January 27
by Michelle Manetti


When a friend of mine Natalie Capello sent me over a live recording from her set at one of my favorite Berlin Clubs Salon Zu Wilden Renate, and asked if i’d like to use it for Lipstick Disco, an immediate listen and seconds into the recording, I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity and decided to use it for this months exclusive mix. It’s bouncy, fun, energetic and retro-tastic, with splatterings of Disco, Italo, 80’s piano house, acid and other treats old a new, mostly vinyl and most definitely served with love. While Nathalie is a relative newcomer to the DJ scene, she’s been making waves fast and building up a reputation on the Berlin club scene, playing regularly at venues such as Farbfernseher, IPSE and the notorious Salon zur Wilden Renate, I had a chat with Nathalie about her influences and musical experiences.

Hey Nathalie, thanks for the awesome live mix and having a little a chat with me. So first up, to give us a little idea about your style, Describe your sound in 5 words?
Happy, moving, layered, piano, housy

You’re a Dutch girl, originally from Rotterdam but now living in Berlin, would you say these cities have influenced your musical tastes and how? Yes, I think especially Rotterdam since that’s where I first started clubbing. It’s obviously known for it’s harder sound, so in my younger years I was influenced a lot by techno, minimal, rave and hardcore. Later on, in the years leading up to me leaving the city, I discovered a softer side which included different streams of house disco, italo. I guess these influences have formed my current style. Although, I do also love playing a proper techno set.

Rotterdam isn’t as well known for it’s musical scene as it’s bigger Dutch sister Amsterdam, but tell us some of the of the most influential clubs and parties you attended there? I guess the club that has had the biggest impact on me was Now & Wow (in the Maassilo), cause that’s about the time I started clubbing in Rotterdam. I was so impressed by the music, the people and of course the venue – which is an old grain silo, very big, lots of concrete and very raw. At some point the club closed but the venue is still very much up and running. Now & Wow is now a festival that’s held there twice a year (I believe). Other than that I have to say BAR. It used to be a tiny cozy bar with great music and DJs and overall great atmosphere. Then they had to relocate and they’re a proper bar with club now, and their programming is outstanding.

Other than that I’ve been to many fun illegal raves and parties in the coolest places. It takes some time to discover the city I guess, but once you have its easy to fall in love.

I’ve not actually been to Rotterdam, so i’ll be hitting you up for advice when I do! So when was it you realised you wanted to be involved as more than just a voyeur? What inspired you to get behind the decks yourself? I knew from very early on that I wanted to get involved in the music, and do more than just clubbing. The only thing that was holding me back to play out was stage fright. Once I moved to Berlin I started paying out and sort of naturally got over it. Then I got my decks and started to play vinyl. That’s when I got slightly obsessed. Somehow all of a sudden everything made sense and all I wanted to do was play records.

So how did you go about getting your first DJ set? Through my friend Emma, she does parties in Farbfernseher in Berlin and I told her I would really like to play. She proposed I would open the night and so I did. I remember being really nervous and it being over really fast.

What would you say has been your most memorable moment at a gig so far? I played in a bar in Playa-Del-Carmen last year, when the subwoofer failed. So for about an hour there was no base. The bar staff was trying to fix it until one of the guys carried in the biggest subwoofer – it barely fit in the bar. At some point they finally fixed the original one and people started shouting and dancing. Since they had already carried the replacing subwoofer in, they went ahead and switched it on too. The response of the crowd was so cool and there was such great energy. I think that night was one I’ll remember for a long time.

As well as DJ-ing yourself you also work as a DJ agent,  is it a help or hindrance to your own DJ-ing to work as an agent for other DJ’s?Funny you should ask, I do feel it can be a little bit of a hindrance for my own DJing, as I’m putting my own DJing on the backseat in favor of the guys I’m representing. Luckily I’ve got amazing girlfriends who help me out and find me gigs.

Yes female comradery! it’s great to have other awesome women around to support you, so with that and rounding us off, you know, here at Lipstick Disco we like to give support and respect to other women in music, who do your shout out’s go to? Name some of your favorite fellow female artists? Easy, Honey Dijon – her sets blow me away. Besides her, The Black Madonna‘s sets always move me, too. I also have to give a shout out to my super talented girlfriends Juliet Fox, Vonda7 and BEC. They’re the most fun bunch and are a great source of support.

And one final question we always ask, what’s your drink of choice? Red wine, of course 🍷😋

So there you have it, if you see Nathalie play, grab her a glass of Red wine and in the meantime, kick back with this awesome mix.


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