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2017 February 24
by Michelle Manetti


One of Glasgow’s stalwarts and leading ladies; DJ, Producer, Record Label Owner, Record fair runner, radio presenter, party promoter and more, Rebecca Vasmant has many creative strings to her bow. A Sub Club resident and Ministry of Sound Tour DJ, she’s been playing House and Techno worldwide for many years, but of late she’s been bringing a fresh new twist to dance music with her love of jazz, the original form of unbridled spiritual sonic expression. Rebecca has delivered a 58 min mix of warm, soulful house, we caught up with Rebecca to have a chat about some of her projects, passions and future plans.

Hi Rebecca, thanks for the mix and taking the time to have a chat with us. So first up, to give us a little idea about your style, Describe your sound in 5 words?  
Warm, deep, emotive, eclectic and love filled.  

Let’s start from your early days, what first inspired you to get behind the decks and become a DJ? And how did you go about getting your first DJ set? I had always dreamed of playing music in clubs and had absolutely no idea how to even start to think about getting into doing this, I always knew I had more of an interest in music than most other people, so I just decided to start trying to teach myself to mix.  

I did the classic – bought turntables (bad belt drive’s at that) and started the task of teaching myself how to mix. I remember my flatmate at the time, he picked it up in about two weeks and I was in tears over and over again trying to make it click. Eventually it did all come together, but after months and months of tears and frustration.  

I then just asked and asked until someone eventually gave me a chance to play in their club, and it all went really quickly from there and I was playing in clubs every weekend from pretty much that point. 

What’s been your most memorable DJ moment so far? There have been many ups and downs on this journey. I feel that of course one key moment in my career was the World Tours Residency for Ministry of Sound and I am grateful that, at a very young age, it allowed me to travel the world and gain invaluable experience and meet so many amazing people. It was almost overnight that I was being sent all over the world on a weekly basis on tours, so that really made me feel that what I was doing was starting to be heard.  At the end of the day, music is timeless, as are experiences, and that is very important, to be able to just be together as people. No matter what age, religion or type of  person, people just being together as one and enjoying one thing that we all have in common – A love for music, is an amazing thing really. 

Another amazing moment was performing for the first time live with ‘Glasgow Jazz Experiment’ which is the project I have started up with some amazing and talented musicians from The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra. Its just so amazing to be able to bring together my two absolute favourite things, Jazz and house music!  

Your Ministry Of Sound tour residency sounds amazing, you traveled with them to France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Estonia, India, Africa, Nicaragua, Bosnia, Latvia, Dubai, Austria, Turkey, Serbia, Algeria, Bulgaria and more, how did the residency come about? The residency happened really quickly and the guys at Ministry and my management asked me to make up a mix to send over to them which I did, then it all really went from there! It was almost overnight that I was being sent all over the world, and that was really amazing!

You’re based up in Glasgow and have residencies at some of Glasgow’s finest from the infamous Sub Club, Made in Glasgow and Know The Way parties, but give us a bit of insight into the Glasgow underground scene.  Glasgow has an amazing scene for underground music, the people here are really so clued up and passionate about music, and all the DJs seem to be this big family who are always on hand to be a friend and help each other out when its needed. The whole feeling that everyone here works together instead of against one another is a key factor in the way this city just seems to have such a strong and amazing scene. Also of course is the amazing crowds, they are the best crowd in the world, I always say.  

You run your own night in Glasgow, when and where can we come to your party and what can we expect from the night? I do indeed and have been doing a few parties in Glasgow, ranging from house music to Jazz dance and I really love to keep a wide variety of music and a fun atmosphere within parties.  I have a new residency starting up at the Poetry Club in Glasgow so please keep an eye out for the dates online.

We hear, you also run a record fair with Sub Club, tell us a little more, when can we come crate digging? Running record fairs was something that had been a dream of mine, people coming together and swapping records, listening to records, and just appreciating being together because of a love for music. This was a hugely happy and rewarding experience that I was lucky enough to have been able to do, we possibly might be doing another record fair this year so again – keep an eye out for that too.  

Your DJ sets, vary from house to techno, but you also have a love for Jazz music and are part of a monthly radio show on BBC Radio Scotland, as well as working on your project ‘Glasgow Jazz Experiment’ with musicians from The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra which you mentioned earlier, but tell us a little more about this project and how it came about.  I am indeed a huge collector and fan of Jazz, I am not really sure where that came from, my parents were not into Jazz, I think its just come from somewhere really deep within and perhaps there isn’t an explanation other than I love it!  

It is like a completely cleansing experience and the emotion that it derives from within our core can allow us to feel however we want to feel. Whether this is good or otherwise, we just allow ourselves to feel emotion that we may not feel in our daily lives and this is a beautiful thing. And I really do appreciate and respect musicians and producers for allowing us to be able to do that. When I hear a piece of music that I really feel, it can almost put me into a meditative state and I can allow myself to purely focus on what that piece of music is saying, whether it is classical, Jazz, Soul or Techno.. The emotion is still the same.

Glasgow Jazz Experiment all came about from being asked to perform live at Glasgow Jazz Festival in 2014, I had always wanted to do a live project with some musicians but always felt like I was somehow not qualified to put it together, so just didn’t ever go ahead and do it. Then when I was asked to perform at the Jazz Fest, it was almost like the decision was made and that was it. We got together, did some writing, did a few rehearsals and then that was it! The gig went so well that we decided to start the project officially and since then, we have been writing music together and recording and are nearly in the finishing stages of an album together which we hope to Tour in 2018 together. I am so grateful to be lucky enough to be working with such amazing musicians and its all like a crazy dream with this project!  

That sounds incredible, So you’ve really got a lot of fingers in a lot of pies creatively, but what’s next for Rebecca Vasmant? What other projects can we expect from you in the near and distant future? I am working really hard on some music of my own at the moment, so my hope is that this year I will be able to release an album of my own, and perform this live. Starting a label is also something on my list for the future, if there is enough hours in the day for that of course! 

You recently did this fantastic video for BBC The social, about sexism in the music industry 

we’re big advocators of supporting women and female identified artists, so on that note, who do your shout out’s go to? Name some of your favorite fellow female artists? I absolutely respect and adore so many female artists – friends and people I don’t know.. I really love the stuff that Willow is making, my good friend Maya (Nightwave), Fatima has done some amazing stuff, there’s so so many females killing it right now that I can’t even type them all because its just so many! Really so many amazing girls smashing it which is so great 

And one final question we always ask, what’s your drink of choice? If you asked me that one year ago I would have said buckfast… now I will opt to say Chambuck (50% champagne – cava or any fizzy wine can also be used 50% buckfast) 😉  that or a good coffee. You can’t beat a good coffee and piece of cake!

So there you have it, if you’re ever in Glasgow, head along to one of Rebecca’s parties, record fairs and buy her a good chambuk, in the meantime, take a listen to this month mix from Rebecca Vasmant HERE:


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