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2017 April 21
by Michelle Manetti


Kick-ing off the weekend, we have the next installment of our mixtape series, and we’re delighted to have the Australian born / Berlin Based Eluize at the helm taking us on a 60 min, blissful, melodic, musical journey. We caught up with Eluize, to give us an insight into her musical background, chat about her label, he DJ duo and her musical inspirations.

Hi Eluize, thanks for the lush mix and taking the time to have a chat with us. So first up, to give us a little idea about your style, can you describe your sound in 5 words? Moody, melodic, diverse, impulsive, vivid

You’re originally from Australia, but now based in Berlin, what inspired you to pack your bags and move over to Europe? For me Berlin has the perfect combination of a laid back lifestyle, with time to work on your passions and tonnes of creative inspiration. There’s so much music and so many people working on weird and wonderful artistic projects, plus, being in Europe it’s the perfect base for adventures and opportunities in other cities on this side of the world.

OK let’s start from your early days, what first inspired you to get behind the decks and become a DJ? And how did you go about getting your first DJ set? I was a musician and producer before I was a DJ. I collected music and enjoyed nightlife but it wasn’t until a friend couldn’t get back from Melbourne for a gig in Adelaide (my hometown) that I started. He asked me to cover for him, so I had a quick lesson on the mixer, took a bag full of records and played soul, jazz, hip hop and groove all night. I was hooked. From there I played in all sorts of places, began playing more disco and house, and eventually techno, dub, acid and all the incredible subgenres of dance music I get to put together now.

And you’ve taken quite a journey since then it seems and your DJ-ing has taken you far and wide from sets in Lisbon, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Barcelona, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and of course Berlin and Various cities in Australia, to name a few, what’s been your favourite city to play so far? I love traveling and discovering new cities. It’s always a thrill to meet people who share your passion, hear their stories and listen to their translation of sound. Each city has it’s own magic so it’s way too hard to pick a favourite. Of course Berlin is incredible, the freedom and sound in many of the clubs here is still top of my list. Australia will always be home, I know the crowds so well, and open-air parties in the sunshine or Sugar in Adelaide with its gorgeous warm system are very close to my heart. Other highlights internationally the last 12 months would have to be the Observatory in Ho Chi Minh city and Masters in Zagreb, so much good energy in the people around those parties, maximum vibe.

Do you find yourself having to change your sound to adapt to each cities’s audience? I don’t think I have to change my sound. I love music from across a wide spectrum of genres so there’s always something from my collection that I feel will work in a space and speak to the audience. The pleasure of playing for me comes from finding the perfect mix of records that are musical, beautiful, interesting, engaging, that have feeling and keep you wanting to move your body.

So let’s talk about your own productions, you dropped your first solo EP in 2014 and have had some tasty tracks and remixes out since, including most recently this gorgous remix for Tiefschwarz & Yawk, how did that remix come about?

YAWK is the new moniker from a friend Julian Ganzer, who I met just after I moved to Berlin at a birthday. I’d been playing his remix of  “When it Was Good” by Ioakim Sayz all over the place and I told him I really loved the track and asked if he’d like to do a remix for me, he made this gorgeous version of “Symmetry”

We played each other’s parties and really found some common ground with musical style, so when he launched his new label Studio Kreuzberg and invited me to do a remix for the first release I was thrilled. I really love the way it turned out, quite a 90s house vibe on it.

We do too! so as well as DJ-ing and production, you also launched your own imprint ‘Night Tide’ in 2016, seems a lot of DJ / Producers are opting for the DIY approach when it comes to labels these days, but what was your reasoning for starting your own label? I’m so excited about Night Tide. I’d dreamt of starting my own label for years. I love making things and when I write music I usually have a strong concept of how it should come across visually as well as from a sonic perspective. So Night Tide was me creating a platform that allows me to see the ideas through from start to finish, to be involved in every detail, the sound, art, medium, texts and so on.

To add to this, now that music is become so widely available and quickly consumed, I wanted to make something that feels considered and cared for, that has had time and love put into it, that feels hand crafted that can be enjoyed and treasured for a long time.

Can you tell us, what’s on the release schedule for Night Tide? What can we expect from the label in the next few months? The next release on the label is a new solo EP from me, “For the Forgetful” which will be out early June. Its 5 tracks follow 24 hours searching to be lost, finding comfort in the dance floor, time spent after hours and the day that follows. It seeks out soaring highs and sweeping lows covering all energies. I’ve got beautiful new photographs from Christophe Mauberque that I used for the artwork. Next I’m currently curating compilations and putting finishing touches on some EPs for a new series I’m launching to put out music from women and female identified artists. I’ve discovered so many great producers on my travels that aren’t releasing and I find it really exciting to get new music heard by ears it may not have otherwise reached.

Incredible, we’d certainly like to hear some of those, keep up posted. So as well as DJ-ing solo as Eluize, you also play as part of a duo ‘Together’ how did this come about and what’s the benefits of playing in a duo? Playing in a duo can be a lot of fun. A B2B can go places you never would have imagined solo, it can be challenging but also thrilling and really inspiring. Not to mention you get to travel and hang out with another bestie even more of the time. I do “Together” with Gratts, a fantastic Belgian DJ and all round great guy. We met in Berlin and share a mutual love for finding and sharing great music and surprising each other with tracks the other has never heard. We decided to make the mixes to share these treasures with friends, this lead to some gigs together and then we started writing music. Our first release will come out on Bordello A Parigi next month ( ) We’ve called our production project Ca$hminus and are going to be doing some more shows this summer.

Great. So as you know, here at Lipstick Disco, we’re big advocators of supporting women and female identified artists, so on that note, who do your shout out’s go to? Name some of your favourite fellow female artists and ladies that inspire you? There are so many! It’s impossible to name all the wonderful, inspiring, talented people doing cool things right now, which is such a great thing….

For sure shouts to my mum, my sister Alice Sainsbury and Peggy, who are crazy and incredible artists in their own fields, seriously excellent women and never stop believing in the dream to do your art.

To Steffi, Shinedoe, Virginia, Helena Hauf, Aurora Halal for inspiration and for making great records I love to play.

To other friends, excellent selectors and music enthusiasts I’ve met along the way, Claire Morgan, Kristin Velvet, Michelle Owen, Persille, Johanna Knutsson, Kate Miller, Daniela la Luz, Shanti Celeste, Avalon Emerson, Courtesy & La Fleur. Big shouts to the talented artists who’ve remixed my music including Ena Cosovic (coming soon on Night Tide – she has done an incredible job), CC Disco, Astrix Little and Anna Leopolder.

To the women making it happen back in Australia. To Ena Lind, Zoe Rasch, La Fraicheur and the whole Mint family for their support and wisdom and to the other collectives putting on events and creating opportunities to play, share and be heard.

And one final question we always ask, what’s your drink of choice? Coconut water or a Negroni

So there you have it, if you catch Eluize playing, buy her a Negroni or Coconut water and enjoy her spin, in the meantime, sit back – press play.


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