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2017 June 2
by Michelle Manetti

Yulia 2

No 25 of our mixtape series has just landed and this months mix comes from DJ, Producer and label manager Yulia Niko. We had a chat with Yulia about her first DJ set, her recent relocation from US to Berlin, her label TochnoTechno and more…

Hi Yulia, thanks for the mix and taking the time to have a chat with us. So first up, to give us a little idea about your style, Describe your sound in 5 words? Hello and nice to meet you! I’ve seen you are guys always supporting my new releases. Very much appreciate it. As many artists say – “I don’t play styles, I play music”. But of course this is music from house – techno genre .

Of course! Now let’s start right at the beginning, what first inspired you to get behind the decks and become a DJ? And how did you go about getting your first DJ set? I was super young, like a 15 years old. It was the right time and a right place. I used to live about 3 blocks away from the club to where I just went in and I asked if they needed a DJ. Obviously, today that wouldn’t work . 15 years ago there wasn’t such a big competition on the market . But an idea about deejing came up to my mind because in my country there were just a few females and I decided to became one of them.

 You’re currently based in NYC, but originally from Europe – you traded the beaches in Greece for the pavements of the big apple. More often you find US DJ’s moving to Europe, so what was it that made you want to do the reverse and exchange Europe for the states? Actually “Yulia Niko” came back to Europe again and i’m planning to make my new home in Berlin. Life in US was more like life in University, how to survive in the best city in the world plus to learn everything about production and playing really cool music. New York City gave me a big basic skills about everything i need for the future. I feel very complete now and it’s a perfect time come back closer to my family.

Amazing, I’m sure Berlin will welcome you with open arms, It looks like you haven’t played in Europe for a while, are you itching to come back to home soil? And i’m guessing there’s some plans then to play this side of the Atlantic again soon? Yes, I m back because I have some big offer and I decided to take a chance. I can’t open all cards now but big things is coming soon in Europe for me.

So in spite of now leaving it behind, tell us some of your favorite party hot spots in New York, the hidden gems and underground treasures you might not know about unless you’re a native New Yorker. Before i left I had an opportunity to play at my favorite Brooklyn warehouse party BlkMarket membership with Tini & Bill Patrick. This one party is the best in New York and it’s a place where real underground lives for sure.

So as well as being a DJ, you’re also a producer and label boss running TochnoTechno, we just heard your forthcoming EP Hablame on your imprint, which is due out on June 7th, a super solid ep with 3 Acid and Electro-Techno cuts! It seems more producers are turning DIY with their releases these days and opting to open their own imprints to release their material, why do you think that is and what prompted you to start up your own label? If I hadn’t decided to run my label, you might never have noticed my art lol. It’s a good thing to do for me as an artist, which has an idea to push my own style of music! But I also get pretty lazy to send music to different labels and ask to them about put it out. For me so much easier to make my own thing. It’s more fan.

We’re big advocators of supporting women and female identified artists, so on that note, who do your shout out’s go to? Name some of your favourite fellow female artists? I’m big fan of Black Madonna. Big respect to my homies girls Nina, Julia Govor and Nastia.

And one final question we always like to ask, what’s your drink of choice? I’m trying do not drink. Not my favorite thing to do. But tequila it’s the best if I am finally going to have fun!

So there you have it, Yulia is coming back to European soil, with some exciting projects coming I’m sure. Keep an eye peeled for news on the blog. And here’s the mix in it’s full glory, taking from a live recording of  Yulia’s set at Gazgolder Club / Moscow on May 19.

Press Play – Happy Friday.


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