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Kim Anh – Shadows

2015 September 28
by Michelle Manetti

So a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure for the second time to DJ with LA based DJ, vocalist, producer, promoter and multi-faceted musical beauty Kim Anh while she was over in Europe on a whistlestop tour. When my co-promoter and I got wind she was this side of the Atlantic, we booked her to come and play at our bi-monthly girls night ‘Pitch Slap’ and hell she bought it. Not only did Kim Anh nail her set and tear the roof down, but she bought along guests Vula Malinga (guest vocalist for basement Jaxx) and Brendan Reilly (who has a new track coming out with Disclosure) and both of them jumped on the mic, literally blowing the place up, Kim and her pals know how to make a damn good party!

Friday, Kim Anh dropped her own track and it’s outstanding dancefloor fodder. I had a little chat with Kim about the release of the track to get the lowdown.

So give us the background story on how this track came about.

The song itself came out rather quickly. I’m always writing – either on deadline or just for the sake of writing. One evening I was sitting and writing basslines and chord progressions and the actual verse and vocal melody came out of my mouth as I was playing. I developed the lyrics further in a few more sessions to follow. The track is definitely an homage to my classic house roots. The vocals too; I’m always inspired by the gospel influences of classic house.

We heard you recorded the vocals over at Sam Sparro’s studio? tell us a bit about that.

Sam and I have become great friends over the years, not only collaborating but also spending a lot of time together cooking, listening to records, catching up. I pass my best new work by him for feedback often. And he really insisted that I tie up the final bits of ‘Shadows’. He really loved the track and offered to engineer my vocals for me. If you listen closely, he’s on one of the harmony backing vocals. We had so much fun in the studio together and he really was a great encouragement for me to start putting out my own tracks.

You have some pretty sweet remixes forthcoming, how did you decide on who to involve?

I am so fortunate to have Chicago house legend Roy Davis Jr. as one of the remixers. When I initially asked him to do it, I thought to myself ‘if he says yes, just build me a casket because I’ll be DEAD’. We had played a few shows together over the last couple years and have grown close as friends and colleagues. It’s such an honor to have him on the single. I came up listening to his music so it’s like a full circle. Eli Escobar came by way of Kim Ann Foxman who connected us saying we’d be a good fit. I really love what he did with the track. He’s also a very talented DJ who I would say is one of my favorites. JT Almon and I go way back. I met him over 15 years ago when we were both budding artists. It happened by chance we were both in Paris at the same time and decided to meet for lunch. We hadn’t seen each other in many years. He’s one of those people who have more musical talent in one finger than most people have in their entire being. When he offered to do a remix, I was ecstatic.

As well as making awesome dance tracks, you also create TV & film scores, what’s the difference in the inspiration & creative process between the two?

The main difference for me is that my own music draws directly from my own personal experiences and influences. Whereas in scoring, you’re relating to the imagery and the audience. You’re also relating to a team of producers, supervisors and directors.

So on top of the dance track & film score production you’re also a DJ, vocalist and promoter of slayyyyy parties, but what’s you’re favourite of these musical disciplines and why?

I love dj’ing so much. It’s always so intoxicating. I may have a hard or long day but when I get on decks, it starts to fade and I just feel so diva. Making music is my passion and has been for as long as I can remember. It’s all interconnected really.

The track comes out today do you have plans for a follow up?

Yes, there will be a full EP and some collaborations upcoming.

and her’s the track in question all it’s glory.

and here’s the Roy Davis Jr. remix dub.

we’ll bring you more remix streams soon and def go grab the EP from HERE:

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