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Kollektiv Ost @ Fusion Festival 2012

2012 September 10
by Michelle Manetti

So I’m currently in Berlin, on a musical come-down from a huge overdose of aural pleasure at Berlin Fest (review to follow soon) last night (slash) this morning (slash) this afternoon, I was treated to an awesome night one of Berlins finest clubs, today I was feeling the burn to say the least. I managed to drag my ass out into the glorious sunshine to chill at my fave Sunday hangout spot in Mauerpark with my berlin buddies. I’m glad I made the effort, not least because I got some sunshine (a rarity for us nocturnal DJ creatures) and I got some quality homie time, but also one of my friends treated me to a much needed cola for my sugar fix AND most delightedly this music fix; possibly one of the best mixtapes I’ve heard. ever. period. It was perfect and made the whole world seem right again! A delightful mix of deep, melodic house and electronic beats to leave you grinning and spinning.

It’s a mixtape from Kollectiv Ost, a German DJ duo consisting of Marcel Schulz & Sandro Schäufler. I’m not sure if it was put together for as a fusion festival promo, or is a live mix from their DJ set at Fusion, it doesn’t matter, it’s pure gold! My friends were raving about fusion festival today and how it’s an absolute ‘must attend’ even more so than Berlin fest, which i’m just recovering from. If this mix is anything to go by then hell yes, sign me up!! and indeed, it’s a lottery to get a ticket, you have to sign-up, log-in, that kind of malarky, so worth it. I’ll be there next year for sure, if I have to beg, borrow and steal a ticket. In the meantime, I’ll be playing this mixtape on repeat and counting down the days.

Fusion Festival

Kollectiv Ost on: Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter

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