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Marlon Hoffstadt @ Rosis Berlin Feb

2013 April 15

So back in Feb, I paid my quarterly visit to Berlin. I bloody love that city, it’s just effortlessly cool. On my first visit to Berlin a few years back I stumbled across a random little club called Rosis and it was from that night on my love affair with Berlin started. Rosis has typical Berlin decor; floor to ceiling in graffitti, looking like an abandoned squat, with kitchen & living room to boot, a phone booth in the middle of the main dancefloor and a big blue Neon sign above the bar that says ‘Drugstore’. I’ve not been back to Rosis since that first night, there’s just so many other clubs & parties to discover… but during my visit late Feb when my friends mentioned the notion of going, I jumped at the chance and led them there like the pied piper. We later discovered they were actually hankering for a night at ‘Roses’ an uber gay bar with pink fluffy walls, also equally fun but in a totally different way.

Rosi’s clubnights are quite varied, so it’s a good idea to check listings before you head there, we didn’t but Saturday night you can be pretty certain it’ll be banging! I was really hoping it wasn’t the sambucas and Rosie tinted glasses that left the adoring impression on my first visit, but my return was even better than the first. We were lucky enough to stumble into the 2nd birthday party of Stadtlich Berlin with some kick ass House music. After my friends abandoned me for other pleasures, I found myself dancing on my own by the DJ booth, to one of the most delightful sets of deep and soulful house I’ve heard for quite some time. I took the time to say Hi afterwards to discover the DJ in question was Marlon Hoffststadt, quite the growing star by all accounts. Two very poiniont songs he played in his 2 hours set., amongst some other gems were:

Duke Dumont – The Giver, one of the most epic tracks of recent times in my opinion.

Duke Dumont – The Giver by Turbo Recordings

And then he finished up with this absolute blinding beauty.

Sqim – forever more (original mix) by Sqim

awesome! Thanks Marlon for helping me re-live my Rosis dream!

Marlon it appears is quite the producer himself, checking out his soundcloud he’s got quite a few Deep House belters of his own. This banging track made it to #8 in the Beatport Deep House charts.

Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt – Shake That (Original Mix) (PID023) by Marlon Hoffstadt

and this is his latest offering a collaboration with vocalist HRRSN, this ones more poppy and downtempo, but stunning.

Marlon Hoffstadt & HRRSN – Once Again (Origina Mix) – Stil Vor Talent (SVT100) by Marlon Hoffstadt

Check out some more of Marlons tunes and follow him here: Soundcloud / Facebook

and check out Rosis Here. Website / Facebook

AND if you do want to stumble along to Rosies the here she is. Roses Website

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