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Maya Schenk Launches new Label Henri

2016 March 31
by Michelle Manetti


Maya Schenk is no stranger to Lipstick Disco, we’ve had her as one of our guest DJ’s for the mixtape series, as well as supporting many of her releases and Maya is about to embark on a new journey as she launches her new label Henri. We had a quick chat with Maya about the labels debut EP ‘Rigmarole’ and the new label.

So congratulations on the launch of your new label Henri, what’s the official release date for the first EP? Thank you! The official release is the 6th of May – very exciting! :)

What was the inspiration behind the label’s name?
It’s based on an artist I love called Henri Rousseau. I love his work and what he stood for. Look him up, especially the picture called ‘Surprised!’ of which I’ve got a print hanging in my bedroom. And this is how it came about, lying in bed looking at this print, thinking ‘Yeah! HENRI!’

What spurred you to create your own label? And what are your future intentions with it?
I basically wanted to create a small label on which artists have the possibility to bring out their music and still be in control. I signed with bigger labels and am very happy to do so in the future, but then there are those tracks you want to come out but don’t want to loose all control over (especially when they’re released, for example!). That is what HENRI is for! I will never take any decisions for any artists who sign to HENRI – all decisions will always be run by them. I am looking for melodic, driving electronica, techno and deep house tracks for HENRI.

The first EP is two of your own tracks, which are a slightly different musical direction since your previous releases, is this going to resonate throughout the label and your own forthcoming productions?
These tracks are very much the vibe I’m going for with HENRI. I will also sign deep house tracks with vocals on a sub-label, HENRI Deep. And for my personal productions I am still producing the kind of house music I love to play… but now with HENRI I can flex my deeper, more tech muscles! Ha!

Check out the EP here:

Follow HENRI for future releases: Soundcloud / Facebook

And follow MAYA: Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter

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