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Monitor 66 – Triscuits

2012 October 4

This little gem of a track came out last week, released by House Of Disco. Monitor 66 are a Swedish Trio who have recently exploded onto the scene. The original track floats somewhere between the dance floor and the cumulous clouds above, lulling you to sleep while at the same time invigorating you. Grounded by a vocal sample from an old Keith Sweat track ‘Triscuits’ glides on a bed of warm synths and vocal stabs that will haunt your memory and a breakdown that reminds you of the timeless nature of just plain old good music.

Monitor 66 – Triscuits (Original)

The remixes are heavyweight though and all worthy of a mention: Starting with my personal fave the PBR Streetgang Remix. After a string of bassline heavy releases from PBR Streetgang on Hot Creations, 2020 Vision and a future release on Hypercolour PBR have stayed true to form and rebuilt ‘Triscuits’ into a dancefloor monster. It’s atmospheric but not in a moody way. They have rebuilt the vocal stabs and their interpretation is just as memorable. Designed more for the sunrise than the sunset it’s for the little dirty side in you that you don’t tell you mum about.

Monitor 66 – Triscuits (PBR Streetgang Remix)

Next up from DRMC, this remix is brave, accomplished and just plain epic. His melodic approach begs for a big room and a huge rig. Hinging on an elongated and dreamy break that will have you hugging who-ever is unfortunate enough to be standing next to you.

Monitor 66 – Triscuits (Dead Rose Music Company Remix)

Next up, Roberto Rodriguez whose italo roots are showing on his remix. He opts to stick quite close to and enhance the pace of the original. Paying tribute while at the same time making it his own. Roberto’s production skills are showcased perfectly in the faultless remix. Adding a real drive and instead of floating like the original it moves you along like a strong tailwind.

Monitor 66 – Triscuits (Roberto Rodriguez Remix)


Then finally, Sixth Avenue Express pitches this one right down and slows the mood even further. Showing off his prowess on the keys to echo the mood of the original. Just cause its a slow burner doesnt mean its not fire. This ones being given away as a little present from the label to say thanks for all the support.

Monitor 66 – Triscuits (Sixth Avenue Express Lounge Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD


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