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Drumcode Halloween @ Tobacco Dock

2016 October 28



I spend 363 days of the year avoiding anything scary or spooky, I can’t even sit through the trailor of a horror movie without terrifying myself beyond recognition, but then Halloween I let my guard down and go all out and this year I’m seriously heading to the depths of hell and back on satans chariot, with the man himself. Arguably London’s biggest, most Hellish Halloween day party is going to be LWE’s Drumcode, presented by label boss Adam Bayer at Tobacco Docks. Starting at Midday, the sioree features a spine-tingling line-up including some of the biggest names in Techno, including some of our favourite Techno goddesses from Nicole Moudaber, Anja Schneider, Ida Engberg, Monika Kruse and Julia Govor. Here’s a little spooky taster of what’s to come.

For those of you without tickets were sorry to say, it’s completely sold out, but fear not, Relentless will be setting up a studio there to broadcasting live across the whole event all day. For those of you lucky one’s with tickets, we’ll see you there, dead or alive!

For more details:

Annie Mac – AMP All Day Rave

2016 September 30
by Michelle Manetti


Who doesn’t love Annie Mac?… ME (says absolutely nobody EVER) she’s a national treasure and this weekend she’s treating us to an belter of a rave-up at her AMP (Annie Mac Presents) All Day Rave at Tobacco Docks, London. Two down already (Leeds and Birmingham) London’s line-up looks more than a little bit tasty and includes;  Basement Jaxx (DJ set), Dusky, Eats Everything, Kolsch, Patrick Topping, Todd Edwards, Paul Woolford, Riton, Mele + More including a stellar selection of females Monki, Amy Becker, Bonzai, Clara Amfo, Josey Rebelle, Nadia Rose and TWO sets from queen Annie herself… Here’s what to expect.

We’ve got our tickets and if you don’t want FOMO, we suggest you go grab your’s here QUICK sharp:

The raves come just in time for the release of Annie Mac’s new compilation and if you can’t wait for it to drop on October 5th, here’s a little taster mix to tease you (and get you warmed up for Sat) we’ll see you there.


Hi to DJ HAAi – the new Phonox Resident

2016 September 21
by Michelle Manetti


When Phonox opened it’s doors in September last year, it seemed to be the breath of fresh air the London Club scene was craving, Funktion one Soundsystem and world-class DJs, One-dancefloor, One Love. Fridays would see one Guest DJ or Act take the decks alone all night, a task they say ‘separates the truly talented from the rest’ while Saturdays are in the hands of the club’s resident DJ, who is joined every week by secret unannounced guests. A young relatively unknown Jasper James stepped up as the first Phonox resident and in the year since his residency started, he’s gone on to achieve big things, now ready to spread his wings it’s ready for a new Saturday resident to take his place… Make room for DJ HAAi.

A week last Friday, Phonox announced the following on their Facebook page.

HAAi- will play every week for the indefinite future. Though she will be joined by special guests they’ll never be announced – she will be front and centre.

Though HAAi- has little profile outside the realm of East London, she’s no stranger to a residency. Holding it down at Dalston’s Ridley Road Market Bar for the past two years, she’s honed her craft at the helm of a heaving dancefloor, with seven hour sets each week.

It is a very conscious decision when enlisting someone for the role of Phonox’s resident, that it not be about the size of their profile but what in our eyes matters most, sheer talent’

So of course, we wanted to catch up with her to find out a bit more about her residency and how it came about:

So big thanks for chatting to us at Lipstick Disco and of course hugest congrats on the new residency at Phonox. Now the first question I’m dying to ask, what’s the story behind your DJ name? It’s the name of an old favourite song of mine from an Indonesian Psych band Called Panbers. I always though it would be a great name for a project… and here we are.

It also means shark in Dutch which I kinda like.

Nice, cool track too! So of course, let’s cut straight to the chase, so how did the residency at Phonox come about? I played the club on two consecutive weeks back in May supporting Jacques Greene and had a great time. The guys at Columbo Group asked me to play a couple of other day parties  over the summer and I slowly saw the main bookers coming into Ridley Road Market Bar where I have my current residency. It all kind of came from there. I had that and a couple other things on the burner at the time, but I was aching to play back at Phonox.

So your predecessor, Jasper James the first Phonox Saturday night resident, was at the time an unknown DJ carefully plucked from seemingly nowhere and has now gone onto big things, including being crowned The ‘Breakthrough DJ Of The Year’ by DJ Mag, voted into the top 5 for the same award by Mixmag and breaking into the prestigious RA top 100 DJ list, so what are you hoping to achieve with your residency? He has definitely gone above and beyond with his residency and is such a great DJ. He comes from good stock too (his father started seminal Glasgow club Sub Club).

At the moment I’m just focusing on throwing the best possible party every Saturday and getting some super exciting guests in, we’ll see about the rest. I just want to have a blast with all the people who come down, hopefully a bit of touring and some festival slots would be a vibe for next summer.

Well we certainly wish you big things too. So There’s already quite a tasty line-up scheduled for the Fridays, but the Saturdays are always ‘secret guests’ do you know who’s on the bill in advance, or will they spring it on you last min? I’ll definitely get a heads up about the guests. It’ll definitely be a different kind of prep when you’re playing with someone you haven’t played with before.

Can you just give us a little whisper, or a clue of who out of the forthcoming guests you’re most excited to share the decks with? I have to keep that one top secret. It’ll be worth the wait though 😉

Will you get a say, or be able to recommend DJ’s to play alongside you? Yes definitely had many conversations with the Phonox bookers about who they suggest and who I’d love to have in, including friends and heroes.

That’s pretty exciting! The Secret Saturday guests have all been quite varied in terms of sound and styles, will you adapt your sets accordingly or stay true to your own sound? A bit of both. I think it’d be great to play with people who share a certain style or taste, but am super excited to play with people where the set is a little newer and more challenging for me. You learn so much from those ones.

Can you give us a little sneaky peak into some tunage we might expect from you, and give us the top three tracks you’re most excited to try out on the Phonox dance floor.

I’m really enjoying this one at the moment…

This will be a great sleazy late night vibe…

This will definitely getting a spin…

Exciting stuff, three gems there, so when does it all kick off, when’s your debut set? The Debut is October 8th, I think it’s going to be one hell of a party!

For sure, we don’t doubt that for a second!!! Now have you decided on your opening song yet? & if so what is it? Haven’t quite worked it out, but I’ll be keeping that a secret too. I’ve been focussing on what the final song will be for the last set of my current residency at Ridley Road Market Bar on October 1st. I have a couple ideas for that but I get a little welled up overtime I play them.

Well it all sounds super exciting and we wish you all the best with the closing set at Ridley, the opening set at Phonox and the residency! I’m sure we’ll be hearing from you again alot more.

So if you fancy heading down to catch HAAi’s opening set at Phonox, you can grab tickets from RA here.

And for a taster of what’s to come, check out her live mix from her set at Dalston Superstore



2016 August 24
by Michelle Manetti


This months mixtape has just arrived, and we’re very excited to have Hungarian born / Netherlands based Anett Kulcsar aka Dansor on the musical reigns for this months mix. One of Holland’s hotly tipped artists, she’s created a special mix for us comprising soley of female based productions. We had a chat with Anett about her first taste of club culture, her debut album ‘Theory Of Love’ which came out earlier this year, her label Comport records and more.

Hi Dansor, thanks for the allsome all women mix you’ve done for us, but before we take a listen, describe your sound in 5 words? Eclectic, deep, funky, spacey, catchy.

So what was your very first taste of club culture and when did you realise you wanted to be involved as more than just a voyeur? What inspired you to get behind the decks? Underground cult clubs like Black Hole & Tilos az A (Forbbiden A) were the first ones, I loved the raw vibe of them and later on the first acid parties of Budapest. However the motivation to start playing myself was definitely the psychedelic parties that were organised by my friends at some really amazing locations in Hungary – from thermal baths to valleys in the middle of the nowhere.

That sounds pretty crazy! Yes, you were born and raised in Budapest, Hungary but moved to The Netherlands in ’97 where you’ve remained and firmly established yourself since, but you headed back to the homeland to do a Hungarian mini tour this Summer, where did you been play? It was great to be back to my roots again and experience how things have evolved since last year. This was my first time playing at A38, which is the reincarnation of an Ukranian stone-carrier ship and now a well-known cultural venue on the Danube – it was a big surprise seeing some old and new friends back here. The next day I played at Ozora Festival, which was definitely my highlight of the summer and such a creative, inspiring experience again. Finished off with Sziget Festival where I played at the Beach hosted by Cokxpon Ambient Society. Had a lovely time and can’t wait to be back to play again in Hungary!

How does it differ playing in The Netherlands to Hungary? The international character makes the vibe of the Hungarian locations so different and nothing really compares to Ozora, Sziget or A38– I love the energy of all these different nationalities being one and dancing together. If you look at most of the festivals in the Netherlands, the public is still primarily Dutch… of course with some exceptions like Amsterdam Dance Event. They are definitely better organised though which is a really good thing on one side especially as the events are getting bigger. On the other side it can make things less spontaneous, which I think is a pity.

You’ve run a number of your own Club nights in The Netherlands, tell us a bit about how each of those came about. My very first concept was ‘WomenWaves’ which I actually started after playing for the first time with Alison Marks in club Stalker. It was around the progressive house period and if I think back to it now it was super creative. We did our own deco, visuals & performances.

After I met Szilvia Harsz, an ex classmate from Budapest, at a party where we were both invited to play at. We decided to start our ‘Budapest Delight’ nights @ Vaaghuyzen, which I still consider to be one of the coolest underground venues with the international character of Amsterdam. Unfortunately the venue closed after 10 years, but we are still continuing ‘Budapest Delight’ whenever we get the chance.

‘HOTCHPOTCH’, is a live electronica concept and this is where I had my album premiere during Amsterdam Dance Event last year at Sugarfactory. I was also co-organising ‘Black Light District’ for a while with The Anthony Bros, which was a really fun black light party with our own deco and some amazing performances too. During the years we’ve done some Comport Records showcases at different locations in Amsterdam and Haarlem and right now I’m looking for a venue where I have the possibility to hopefully be able to go higher with the budget and be able to do some cool stuff with international artists appearing on the label.

Last but not least this year, after the album release I started ‘BLEND’ which is our monthly Friday night now @ Westergasterras, it’s more a ‘take it easy’ concept with each edition our own dedicated cocktail for that night only. The names are mostly inspired by our releases like ‘Hunger of the Steel’ or ‘Moving Your Way’.

Now earlier this year you released your debut album ‘Theory Of Love’ on your label Comport Records, congratulations!. How long did it take you to make the album, what were your main influences for the material and how did it feel to be able to self-release the material on your own imprint? It’s a retrospective album covering, let’s say, the last 10 years of my life. Every tune was inspired by a different period and moments whether it was a happy, playful, angry, romantic, weird or sad one. Actually I had no idea all these tunes would end up on my label as an album until about two years ago when I got this idea and started to focus on fine tuning and finishing them for this purpose. During all these years I was listening to many different genres besides electronic music and you’ll probably hear all these influences within it.

It wasn’t easy at all but I’ve learnt a lot during this whole album process. It feels really great to have all these tracks finally out and it’s an honour to get the support of DJ Mag UK, John Digweed, Jonty Scrufff as well as BBC6 Radio’s Nemone on the album tracks.


What other material have you got coming out on the label we should watch out for? We just released a wicked remix pack of ‘Hunger of the Steel’ taken from the album with reworks of Edouard!, Animal & Me, Mario Neha and Sean McCaff which I would definitely recommend checking out… and more super cool remixes are on the way. In terms of other artists, next up is a solo EP from Mario called Cuban Night, which will be a raw and jazzy one.

Ibiza Global TV premiered our first music video for the title track of ‘Theory Of Love’ Ft. Ayden Vice in May and I’m glad to have the multitalented director Rumex with her debut EP soon on our label as well. We also signed a couple of more local & international talents recently, so plenty of awesome material is coming up!


Pretty soon after you learnt to DJ and produce, you began to build a live set, back when very few other DJ’s were performing live, how was this initially received? And how has this since evolved? Yes, my current alter ego ‘DANSOR’ started out as graduate project from my Mediatechnology studies. It’s a fusion of the words ‘dance’ & ‘sensor’ because I attached some sensors to my body and was controlling some loops in Ableton with it. (Take a look HERE at an early performance) The people back then had difficulties to understand what I actually was doing and the technology was not always reliable, so I started to focus more and more on the production of music and started Comport. Now the album is done, I want to do more live gigs again but with the band setting.

You’ve already done a number of live performances of your ‘Theory Of Love’ album live, but what does your Live set today encompass (instruments / gear / other musicians)? And when is your next performance. Last year we translated the whole LP in to a live version with a drummer and bass player, so that’s how we premiered it during Amsterdam Dance Event. Dutch jazz trumpet player Saskia Laroo joined us as well for a couple of tracks. We also played the album this way – electronica, drums and bass – during the actual album release in Patronaat in my hometown Haarlem. Also we’ve just been selected for the Pop Price of Amsterdam, and so our next show is on the 14th September.

I really hope we manage to tour with the live band setup in the near future as I think it’s the best way to have a unique experience and enjoy the eclectic vibe of the album.


That looks super impressive! So shich do you prefer to play? A straight up DJ set or a Live set? And Why? No preference, I really love to do both! I like to take people on a spontaneous journey – that’s what DJing is all about for me. Live is more about the total experience & the show itself. Playing together with others is quite new to me, and feels really great.

At the end it all depends on the situation, the type of venue and its public. Many of the clubs are great for DJ sets but might not have the right facilities to do a gig with a live band, simply because they have a booth instead of a stage.

So rounding us off, as you know, here at Lipstick Disco we like to give support and respect to other women in music, who do your shout out’s go to? Name some of your favourite fellow female artists? I would like to mention Zoe Xenia, a great producer, vocalist and DJ – her ‘Avoid the Void’ single was our first Comport release. And I’m sure you’ll definitely hear more about the talented Rumex in the future as I mentioned before.

And one final question we always ask, what’s your drink of choice? I’m addicted to coconut water lately, it’s pure joy!

Thanks Dansor, so there you have it. Sit back and press play, and if you get the chance to hear Dansor play, take her some Coconut water and enjoy the musical ride.





2016 July 15
by Michelle Manetti


No 17 of our mixtape series come from Italian born / London based Techno godess – Ireen Amnes, one of London’s freshest new rising talents, we’re thrilled to have her as this months guest for our mixtape series. We had a chat with Ireen about her crossover from Rock & Metal to Techno, the music scene in her hometown Rome, her new residency at Egg and More.

Hi Ireen, thanks for the awesome mix, so before we take a listen, how would you Describe your sound in 5 words? Intense, angry, melancholic, emotional, unexpected

You’ve carved out quite a unique sound for yourself, but we hear you originally came from a Rock background and crossed over into electronic music, what was it that prompted your transition into Techno? In my opinion, moving from rock and metal into the techno world is a very small step. Both genres share heavy sounds and a big range of dynamics. After being a lead singer in heavy rock bands for years I found the same contrasting feelings of anger and calm when I am playing or producing techno.

So as well as being a DJ and producer, you’re also a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, but which of your skills did you hone in on first and how did the others feed in? I honestly don’t remember a day in my life where music hasn’t been my main passion and ambition. I probably started singing as soon as I spoke my first word and then at age 10 I began taking actual vocals lessons and later on started playing the guitar and piano. I got my first gig as a singer in a cover band at age 13 and that was how I spent every Saturday night throughout my teenage years.

You’re originally from Rome, Italy and held a residency there at the prestigious Rashomon Club, as well as appearances in other Major clubs in the city, but how is the scene in Rome? and do you go back to play in your home city very often? Italy is not as famous for its clubbing scene as its food, however I believe that cities like Rome and Turin have been developing a very interesting underground vibe with great events and bookings. On the other hand I don’t feel like Rome gives enough space to emerging artists that are not ‘in the circle’ of the same promoters and DJs that rule the scene. I hope I will be going back to play in my hometown very soon though!

You relocated from Italy and are now based here in London, how long have you been here and what bought you here to the Big Smoke? I have been living here since 2010.  At that time I decided to move because I wasn’t in a very good state of mind and also because I always thought that moving to a multicultural city like London would give my music career a push.

Which it certainly has. Another string to your musical career bow is promoter and you’re one the creators of ‘Under My Feet’ tell us a bit about the night. I have never been interested in being a promoter or organising events just to make money. Under My Feet. is a project that aims to give space to new underground talents who share the same passion for arts and music, and I am not only talking about DJs. Under My Feet. involves musicians, singers, photographers and artists and the event itself is all about good vibes and sharing the moment together.

Back to your DJ-ing, you’ve just recently landed a residency at Egg London, how did this come about? And when can we catch you there? That was the biggest achievement of my career this year. My working relationship with EGG (after having spent many club nights there) came about randomly. At one event I attended almost two years ago I found one of my business cards in my pocket and I decided to give it to the DJ I liked the most during the night, EGG resident Kyle E. After a couple of days I received a text from him saying that he listened to my Soundcloud page and liked my music. After that we started working together during studio sessions and I found his talent so motivating and inspiring. My track ‘True’ was featured in an online compilation by EGG Recordings. At the launch party for the compilation I played a closing set of almost three hours, keeping the dance floor alive until 10am, and I had the luck to be noticed by the management staff who decided to offer me a residency and embrace me into the family.

Coming up is the Mobilee Records night with Anja Schneider on 30th July and after that I’ll be playing once a month. Don’t miss my favourite night on October 15th, Berlin Berlin with Sisyphos stars Fidelity Kastrow and Jonty Skrufff.

Nice! we’ll makes sure we head along to those. Now it seems more DJs and Producers are turning to creating ‘live sets’ these days, as someone who performs both DJ and live sets equally, why do you think this shift is happening? I think many DJs simply add the word ‘live’ but don’t actually play a live performance. For up-and-coming DJs there is the desire to emerge and show the audience that there is something special about them in comparison to others. An ‘actual’ live set is not only a great show to watch but it also allows the performer to jam and follow the emotions of that moment with more freedom than with a simple DJ set.

Which do you prefer to perform? Live set or DJ? I love performing live and even when I am doing a DJ set I always bring at least my drum machine and a couple of pedals. I have recently incorporated the ROLI Rise Seaboard for my live set up and I am so looking forward to showing how great and flexible that instrument is.

You’ve also been plugging away in the studio, do you have any releases or collaborations lined-up we should look out for? A lot of exciting stuff is coming up, but I have to keep it a secret for now, so stay tuned!

We Will!! So as you know, here at Lipstick Disco we like to give support and respect to other women in music, who do your shout out’s go to? Name some of your favourite fellow female artists? Last summer I got to meet Coco Cole and since then she has been the most motivating person in my career. I find her extremely talented and humble and she is such a big inspiration for me. Another couple of fellow female artists I would like to shout out to are Timanti, for her personality, style and both production and Djing skills that are very impressive and unique; and multi-task visual artist, DJ and producer Cerina who’s simply a genius!

And one final question we always ask, what’s your drink of choice? A nice pint of Leffe.

So there you have it, go check out one of Ireens sets over at Egg, or her Under The Feet party, and be sure to buy her a pint of Leffe.

And here’s the mix. Happy listening.





2016 June 10


No 16 of our mixtape series come from Soviet Union born / Sydney based spinerella – Sveta, a legend on the Australian Queer scene, we’re super honoured to have her contribute to our mixtape series.

She’ll also be joining our chief editor Michelle Manetti in London tomorrow night, alongside another of Sydney’s finest Estee Louder  for Pitch Slap at Tipsy Dalston, check out the event on Facebook for more details:

Ahead of her set, we had a chat with Sveta about her infamous sets at Mardi Gras, her current tour, future projects and what we have in store for next Sat night.

Describe your sound in 5 words?
eclectic, bassy, sensual, spontaneous, intense

So this year you celebrated your 20th year as a club DJ, that’s pretty impressive, but where did it all start? Where was your first DJ set? How did it come about? And describe how it felt. I started on community radio 6 years before that while I was studying Communications at University. This was 1990 and the start of the House music scene in Oz. I was underage and going to the raves in the middle of my studies and decided that I needed to start playing those sounds on Breakfast radio – which had never been done at that time. Dance music was reserved for specialist music slots. The show got a lot of attention and I started getting asked to DJ. I didn’t say yes until 1996. I felt like it was a passion/ hobby that accidentally found me as a career. Apart from the mortifying moment of realising how hard beat mixing was, I felt totally alive as a person and artist. My first gig was playing at a Mardi Gras recovery party for the major girl’s night at the time. I literally got discovered that night.

You’re originally from the Soviet Union, but are known as one of Sydney’s finest and most solid DJ’s. How has the city helped shape your music career? I would say that there would never have been a music career without the city but the passion for music runs through my family. My brother is 10 years older and his collection of vinyl rivals mine. He almost got arrested at the black market in the Soviet Union before we fled while he was buying foreign records. The Sydney scene in the 90’s was up there and as diverse and eclectic and full of life as London’s and New York’s. From the techno sounds of the early Sex Subculture & Fiece parties, to early morning tribal house sets at The Phoenix Hotel (now lost to lockouts) to great House music events

Sydney Mardi Gras is renowned as being the biggest and most colourful pride event in the world and we hear you have the auspicious honour to be the DJ who has spun at the most Sydney Mardi Gras parties, which certainly makes you the Mardi Gras Queen! but tell us one of your most treasured moments from the Mardi Gras parties you’ve played? I have played at almost 20 Mardi Gras parties and about 15 Sleaze Ball’s (the costumed second Mardi Gras party in October which doesn’t exist anymore) around 15 times. There literally are too many treasured moments to single one out but I would say that the first time I opened for Boy George, my childhood idol was one of them. Also the opportunity to open/play alongside with artists that I respect & admire such as Frankie Knuckles, Derrick Carter, David Morales and Kim Ann Foxman etc. The scene in Sydney has become more segregated as the years have gone on so it’s getting harder to get support slots in the wider community with artists like these. It should be based on skill level, experience etc but it can sadly be about sexuality these days. Mardi Gras welcomes DJ’s of all sexualities.

There’s a lot of controversy at the moment surrounding the Australian lock-out laws, has this affected the nightlife and the scene a lot? and has this had a knock-on effect to your own work? There really is too much to say about this right now but it would be great if our US & European sisters & brothers supported us in protesting these laws. Our city is virtually deserted and the pool of work for not only DJ’s & other artists but also for hospitality staff, taxi drivers, food/restaurant business owners is narrowing by the minute. Over 60 clubs and bars have shut and apartments are being rapidly built and patrons are being forced into the casino,which is one of the only city venues that has no lockout. All I can definitely tell you is that there are other motives involved with these laws. Many DJ’s who have dedicated their lives to the craft have been forced to leave the industry as they cannot survive and people like myself have lost over 50% of their work and most opportunities to play the music that we are known for. Sydney is a ghost town right now and people are moving out in droves.

This year also marks your 10th consecutive annual visit to NYC, what is it about the big apple that keeps you taking the long trip from Sydney each year? NYC embraced me from the day I played my first gig there in 2006 – an absolute dream come true as I was obsessed with NYC underground House & ‘Bitch House’ – the precurser to ‘Vogue’ beats from the time I was in my teens in 1990. I was welcomed into the Houses as their Sister and Daughter after they heard me spin. I was hoping that they wouldn’t think that I was appropriating that sound but I have NEVER been met with any such attitude from any New Yorkers. They appreciate the way that I put my spin on it. I also produce music in that style. London DJ & producer Hannah Holland has been adopted there in a very similar way.

On your way from Sydney to NYC, you’ve stopped off to play some parties in Japan and have some lined up in Berlin and I’m super excited to also have you play with me here this Saturday at Pitch Slap in London too, but do you find you have to change your music style to suit the tastes of each city? Honestly, I love so many different styles – except for Trance – that I always play different styles wherever I play, in Australia or overseas, and I love that because I get to express myself in many ways. I’ma  music nut. I get really scared, sometimes nauseous before I play because I don’t prepare my sets beforehand. I try to read the energy of the crowd. That can be petrifying if you have no reference for the crowd that you are about to play to. The payoff can be huge because when you’re having a good night, the crowd and you go on a journey together. It’s a mutual high.

We hear you have a new musical project you’re working on with Estée Louder, who’s also joining you to play at Pitch Slap this Saturday, tell us a little about this project? I took a little break from producing my own music three years ago after a few big events in my personal life including illness in my family. I feel like I’m ready to get fully creative again. I was commissioned last year to produce some remixes for big shows at Mardi Gras and also for the Qantas float in the parade and I got super busy so I asked Estée Louder if she could work on some of them with me. She is a professional musician in bands – rock and otherwise and also produces Techno. We found that our skills greatly complemented each other. On top of that, I was opening for David Morales that year at the party and I asked Estée Louder if she could accompany some of my set on electronic drum pads and it worked a treat and looked much more exciting on stage than just me DJing solo. We decided to that we’ll be spending the next year producing tracks in a tech/techno style, with some camp disco thrown in for good measure. We’ll also be working on incorporating some live instruments too so stay tuned!

So as you know, here at Lipstick Disco, we like to help support other musical ladies, so tell us who’s your favourite and most inspiring fellow female DJs? I admire so many of my fellow female DJ’s from all the generations for different reasons because I know how hard it is out there for us as well as rewarding. Everyone from Alinka, who is killing it right now to Kim Ann Foxman, Feral AKA MC Kinky, Hannah Holland, Ting who used to play at Fist & Torture Garden, Maya Jane Coles, Christy Love from NYC, JD Samson, Amber Valentine and  Colby Bartburg also from NYC, Romy (LA via Sydney) Sydney’s Kat Du Jour and yourself (Michelle Manetti). The list is huge, I don’t have room to write everyone down & it’s mighty prestigious, unlike DJ Mag would have us believe.  I admire everyone who tries to support and encourage each other.

And one final question, what’s your drink of choice? Currently, I’m absolutely obsessed with a Taiwanese drink – Bubble Tea! I love the Taro one or the jasmine green tea, both with pearls (tapioca). Lots of young kids love it as a fad in Sydney too. I wish they’d serve it at discos – it would deliver the caffeine content I love and would quench my tapioca addiction.

So if you fancy seeing Sveta on her travels over the next few weeks you can check her out at these shows:

10.06.16 Gloria Viagras Partysane @ SchwuZ Berlin with Aerea Negro
11.06.16 Pitch Slap @ Tipsy Dalston, London w. Michelle Manetti
14.06.16 Deryk Todds, Strut, NYC
15.06.16 The Mercury Lounge (The Bowery) NYC w. Shirley House
17.06.16 The Cock, NYC
19.06.16 Scissor Sunday @ Henrietta Hudson, NYC w. JD Samson
21.06.16 On Top at Le Bain The Standard, NYC w. Susanne Bartsch
>25.06.16 Hot Rabbits, Gay Pride Party, NYC
28.06.16 On Top at Le Bain The Standard, NYC w. Susanne Bartsch
01.07.16 Ladyfag’s 11:11 NYC

And listen to Sveta’s mix on Soundcloud


and make sure you follow Sveta on her socials to keep up to date with new gigs, shows, music and projects


Jamie Trench & Oli Furness – “In the Berghaining” EP

2016 June 6
by Michelle Manetti


I & I Recordings is a spanking new label from Jamie Trench and Oli Furness and this debut EP, coming out on July 15th (a two tracker, one from each label boss) might be the highlight of our week and it’s only Monday Morning.

Alinka & Shaun. J Wright – Heidi Guest Mix

2016 May 26
by Michelle Manetti


For those of you who tune into the blog regularly, you’ll know we’re pretty big fans of Alinka and music partner Shaun J. Wright, so we got a couple of bits of theirs to throw at you to give you a little fix.

Alinka just recently provided Justin Harris with a slick and groovy, Acid House remix of ‘E Numbers’ for his EP ‘The Future Is Past’ which dropped on Apollo Music Group on May 19th, we’re defiantly giving some love to this one, check out her remix here.

Justin Harris then returned the favour and provided a remix for the latest release on Alinka & Shaun‘s Twirl label. The EP comes from Stereogamous featuring the unmistakably sexy vocals of label boss Shaun J. Wright. The original has a delicious bouncy, sultry, poppy vibe, then Justin Harris takes his remix to the dancefloor, with stripped back vocals and heavy analogue style drums and percussions. The final remix comes in From other label boss Alinka, who provides a sexier late night kinda vibe, her remix has more laid back beats than Justin’s, and brings the vocals back up-front and personal, as well as adding acid licks and an enigmatic pulsating lead synth line. Have a listen to Alinka‘s remix:

and check out the rest of the EP HERE:

You can also hear Shaun and Alinka on the guest mix for the ever fabulous Heidi’s radio 1 residency tonight at 10pm, def one not to miss. Tune in here.


Ana De Irisarri – Womb Introspection

2016 May 11

016. Ana & Jess

Columbian born, Chicago based producer Ana De Irisarri has teamed up with fellow Columbian and visual artist Jessica Daza Gomez aka Jeka Daza for this awesome little audio-visual collaboration, with fantastic results. As a standalone track, Womb Introspection is top quality stuff; with obvious Chicago House influences and analogue sensibilities, it’s certainly something I’ll happily drop in a DJ set and expect to get some love for it on the dance floor. However with the addition of Jeka Daza’s DIY-style glitchy visuals that perfectly compliment the track and  exemplifies precision on-the-beat editing, , the audio-visial marraige is complete, a multi-sensory gift from these two wonderful Columbian ladies.




2016 May 6
by Michelle Manetti


No 15 of our mixtape series has just dropped and Slovenian-born, Glasgow-based Maya Medvesek aka Nightwave has delivered a 35 min, slick, sassy, sleazy and full of energy melting pot of techno, grime, house, rave and dirty sweaty beats. Prepare to get your heart racing and your blood pumping.

I’m also super excited she’ll be joining me on May 14th in London to headline Fèmmme Fraîche at Dalston Superstore, along with one of our previous Guest Mix DJ’s Gina Breeze. Check out the event on Facebook HERE.

I had a chat with Nightwave about Glasgows nightlife, her Clubnight Nightrave, Label Heka Trax and what we have in store for next Sat night.

Describe your sound in 5 words?
Techno, grime, housey, ravey, sleazy

You’re originally from Ljubljana (Slovenia) via London, and now living in Glasgow, what made you venture and settle up there? I moved from Ljubljana to expand my horizons, I love Slovenia but it’s too small for me. I moved to Glasgow because I love the vibe, love the people and the banter and it’s about 3 times cheaper than London and I can have a much better lifestyle up here.

And how is the music scene up in Glasgow? What’s your favourite clubs and nights up there? It’s brilliant, maybe even too good-I feel like I’m out all the time if I’m in town.  There’s so much on and sometimes thats a challenge for both the clubbers and the promoters! My favourite clubs are La Cheetah where I do my night Nightrave, Sub Club, Art School and I also love The Rum Shack where I now do my night Bam Bam.

So tell us a little bit about your night Nightrave? I started Nightrave 3 years ago, mainly to be able to hear more music I love (Glasgow is heavily dominated by house and techno) like grime, booty, footwork…I also wanted to help rebalance the gender situation a bit as the line ups are severely male up here and I thought even if I help a little bit, things will start to change. It’s certainly getting better but we all have to make a lot of noise and demand more diversity in clubs.

Our thoughts exactly! So as well as being a DJ, Producer, Vocalist and promoter you’re also a label boss and run Heka Trax, what spurred you to start your own label? And how do you find juggling this with your other musical ventures? I’ve always dreamt of having a label since I was a teenager and I just love finding and sharing new music and hopefully give a start in the industry to some more unknown producers. I also hate waiting around so Heka Trax helps me to release my own music fast if I so wish. I enjoy the juggling, I drink a lot of coffee but I also wouldn’t mind an intern *hint hint*

Shout outs right there, any interns in da house?? So you also have a pretty hectic schedule of shows lined up, have you had much time to get in the studio and if so can we expect any releases from you soon? I’ve been working loads for the last year and put a lot of love, emotion, heartbreak, all sorts into my next record and I hope to release it after Summer with a club EP before that. I’ve worked with some excellent rappers as well, really excited for you all to hear it.

Awesome, we’re excited to hear it! So among your show schedule, we’re super excited to have you in London to be headlining Femmme Fraiche at Dalston Superstore Sat 14th, what kind of treats can we expect from your set? Sexy ravey party music! Dress to sweat!

Hell Yeah!! Now let’s go back to 2011, you were selected for the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy sessions, how did that come about and what did it entail. I did the dreaded 26 page questionnaire and applied and miraculously got in! It was the best and most valuable musical experience of my life and it really helped me get that final push in totally immersing myself in the industry. It gave me the courage to drop my job, take a risk and have faith in my work. And the Universe fortunes the brave!

Indeed it does. So what was it that first inspired you to become a DJ? Hmmm. I think ever since I went to my first rave back in the 90s, I even have mixtapes I did with cassettes back then… They weren’t amazing but I wanted to DJ since forever-my Dad also had a club in Switzerland and I saw him DJ and my Mum and I toured with his band since I was born. As a teenager I guess I wanted to impress some boys, it didn’t really work but I became a decent DJ haha.

Touché! So tell us, what’s been one of your most memorable DJ moments to date? Sonar 2012 is still up there as my favourite, it really felt like a breakthrough, the crowd were amazing and I cried a bit on stage at the end!! Apart from that definitely The Sub Club.

Here at Lipstick Disco we like to give the musical ladies a shout out, who gets your honourable mention? Of course! Ikonika, Jubilee, Star Eyes, Nina Las Vegas, Louisahhh, Shy One, Kozee, Miss Djax

And one final question we always ask, what’s your drink of choice?
I fuckin love beer and also love a Heradurra Tequila Reposado

Perfect, so there you have it, pop along to Dalston Superstore next Saturday for some sexy sweaty beats, buy Maya a Beer or Tequila and in the meantime, press play on this badboy. Enjoy.


Magit Cacoon – Subterranean Fiction EP

2016 April 28
by Michelle Manetti

016. Magit Cacoon

Tel Aviv born & Berlin based Magit Cacoon released her latest five track EP ‘Subterranean Fiction’ on Crosstown Rebels last week, which is a “voyage through a complex underground universe, where one has the opportunity to immerse himself omnisciently in the sounds and vibrations” This is sophisticated, late-night Techno at it’s finest, with delicate ethereal sounds, submerged in layers of textural effects.  Each track has it’s own emotional vibrance, from the melancholic mood of ‘Mostly Translucent‘ the eery and nervous energy of ‘Zone 21‘ the delicately patient ‘Endless‘ and the dreamy yet driving ‘Journey to Venus‘ but its the bouncing steadfastness of the EP’s title track ‘Subterranean Fiction‘ that I warm to most. Each of the five tracks on the EP are certainly worth taking for a spin.


Shaun J. Wright & Alinka – Face The Truth EP

2016 April 21

014. Shaun & Alena

So we’ve been supporting the releases of Shaun J. Wright and Alinka for a little while and if you haven’t heard of this homegrown Chicago best-friend duo, we suggest you jump on the bandwagon pretty quick, as they’re rapidly accelerating their way onto the dance floors and into the hearts and of many. With a string of incredible releases on their own imprint Twirl, including a plethora of remixes from credible house giants such as Luke Solomon, Kim Ann Foxman, and Eli Escobar among many, they’ve certainly laid the foundations to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Their latest release however, doesn’t come from their own imprint but instead from Damian LazarusCrosstown Rebels, and includes a massive remix from Audiojack, which rocketed into top end of the Beatport Deep House charts and has remained a firm favourite there since it’s release on April 1st. As well as Audiojacks remix, the EP comes with three original cuts from the duo, displaying their ‘nouveau Chicago’ sound and Shaun’s unmistakably recognisable silky smooth vocals. This EP Is incredibly solid, I might go so far as to say it’s my favourite of theirs to date, but I say that with each and every new release of theirs, which is testament to the fact they’re productions are undoubtedly going from strength to strength.

Shaun & Alinkas DJ bookings have equally gone from strength to strength, and this weekend sees Alinka play her second set at Berlins Panorama bar since her relocation to Berlin the end of last year; while Shaun remains in the US he’ll also be on this weekends sterling line-up which includes Roman Fluegel, Ivan Smagghe, Honey Dijon, Daniel Avery and Ata, I for one will be on the Pbar dance floor cutting some shapes to their beats. For you London folk, they’ll also be headlining Dalston Superstores 7th birthday party May bank holiday weekend, which has an equally mammoth line-up including Dan Beaumont, Hannah Holland, Jonjo Jury + more and hugely excited to say i’ll be playing myself too!

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this Killer DJ mix from Alinka, which was one of the first in our guest mix series she provided for us back in March last year.

Follow Shaun J. Wright: Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter

Follow Alinka: Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter

Mars Bill – Breath (Shinedoe Remix)

2016 April 21
by Michelle Manetti

013. Shinedoe

I thought I’d bring you some tasty Techno treats to see you through to the early hours of Thursday morning, this one comes from Mars Bill on Unrilis Records and in particular its Dutch based Shindoe’s remix were digging. Deep seductive Techno grooves to keep you going through the afterhours. This one drops May 30th.


2016 April 1
by Michelle Manetti

KIM_ANH_HIGHLINE-Ballroom NYC-stacyfinnaren

No 14 of our mixtape series comes from LA’s sassiest multi-talented DJ / Vocalist / Producer / Promoter Kim Anh, whos just delivered this little mini-mix to warm us up for her UK arrival, as she’ll be in town playing with me 2moro night (02/04/16) at Dick and Fanny VS Yowsah at the Arch Galleries, check out the party HERE for sure this is one not to be missed, last time she ripped the place up and tore the house down and if this mix is anything to go by, they’ll be a repeat performance in store for sure. So I caught up with Kim Anh in transit, to see what’s in store for this weekend, what treats she has in store for the forthcoming months and life in LA.

Describe your sound in 5 words?
New York City 1994.

You’re currently living in LA, how’s the House music scene out there right now and how do you see it evolving?
House music is more accessible than ever in LA; for party people and djs alike.  There are more warehouse parties than one can attend each weekend.  It always felt like house music parties in LA were for the “heads”… but I think that’s changed a lot.  The new generation of ravers are discovering house and techno for the first time and they’re embracing it wildly.  I think it has opened up new opportunities for djs to share their sound and diversify nightlife.

You run a couple of your own parties in LA, tell us a bit about these.
YOWSAH, named as an homage to Chic, is my main residency in Los Angeles now. The sound of YOWSAH is very rooted in groove tracks. Classic jackin’ house, gospel influences, deep disco and bits of low slung funk and disco. I play long sets there and often play to back to back with my guests. It’s just an all around good vibe.  One of my favorite things about YOWSAH is that it gives me to opportunity to invite my favorite artists to dj with me. I love being able to support other djs, especially other women and my LGBTQ family.

We’re super excited that you’re bringing YOWSAH to London this weekend for a little one­-off special (and I get the pleasure to play with you for the third time) how did this come about, and what treats do we have in store?
I’m thrilled that Dick And Fanny has been resurrected for this event. They’re one of the best parties in London and they’ve been incredibly supportive of me and my work for years. I really wanted to host a YOWSAH outside of Los Angeles and when DAF came onto the table in support it was like YASSSS <death drop>.

There are so many treats in store. Last time you booked me for Pitch Slap Vula and Brendan Reilly came through and tore the roof off with their surprise live vocals. Since then Vula and I have been on a rager, with me on decks and her on the mic. So we’ve made it official this time. But as you know, we won’t stop there. That’s all I’ll say for now. I have a surprise guest dj in store. The confirmed secret guest is an immense talent based here in the UK. I can’t really say much else at the moment.  But I promise those who don’t make it will have severe fomo on Sunday 😛

I’m really looking forward to dj’ing with you again. You have fabulous talent and I love your sound.

#blush# thanks, ditto for sure! So as well as running nights, being a DJ and generally being the sassy girl about town, you’re also a pretty slick producer, last time we spoke to you, you’d just released your first solo EP Shadows (CHECK THIS HERE), is there a follow up to come soon?
Yes! I’ve been writing lots since the release and have been in the studio working on some collaborations and features. I will definitely have more releases featuring my vocals. Vula and I have also co­written a track together that features her incredible vocals.  Look out for us come summer :)

Yesss, exciting, killer combo, we’ll def be suporting that one! So we also hear you’ve just done a remix for Peaches, how did this come about and when’s the official release?
I met Peaches years ago at a dinner in Berlin and we realized we both had a flight at the same time the day after. We met for coffee and shared a car and stories up until our flights left. I’m lucky to say she has been a friend ever since. How often does a muse become a friend? I ran into her last year at a Grace Jones concert and amidst all the screaming she asked me if I would remix for her new album and that she’d already picked a track for me. I think I literally replied “DUH!!”… It was just after “Shadows” came out and she expressed how much she liked the track.

Another lovely coincidence … the first DAF I ever played (2010) was with Maya Jane Coles and we are now on this same release together … on the same vinyl side too I think haha …

Throughout your musical career so far, describe one of your most magical musical moments, a favourite memory from one of your gigs. ​
This question is so difficult! Can I say a few? Playing at Berghain. Supporting The Knife for one of their last shows ever (let’s hope they have a reunion tour). Playing back to back with Roy Davis Jr. Crying at sunrise playing Orbital’s Belfast open air… well because sometimes the sky is overwhelmingly beautiful.

Among your many multi­faceted musical talents, as you’ve already mentioned you’re also a vocalist, so if your friends were to drag you down to the local Kare­oke bar, what’s your guilty pleasure song you’d choose to sing? ​
Definitely tons of 90s rnb, Donna Summer, Evelyn Champagne King … I would sing more Chaka if I had the chops. I mean who can hit those notes?!

As you know, here at Lipstick Disco we like to support the musical ladies doing their thing, so tell us who your favourite fellow female DJ / musicians are.
I just had the pleasure of playing with Joyce Muniz last weekend.  She’s amazing. Magda, Ellen Allien, Black Madonna, Honey Dijon, Alinka, Kim Ann Foxman, Venus X … to name a few​ .

And one final question we always ask, what’s your drink of choice?
Tomorrow night it will be tequila.

So there you are, come down tomorrow night to Dick and Fanny VS YOWSAH, to catch Kim Anh, Vula, Me + some other special treats, buy Kim Anh a Tequila and in the meantime, press play on this badboy to get you in the mood.


Maya Schenk Launches new Label Henri

2016 March 31
by Michelle Manetti


Maya Schenk is no stranger to Lipstick Disco, we’ve had her as one of our guest DJ’s for the mixtape series, as well as supporting many of her releases and Maya is about to embark on a new journey as she launches her new label Henri. We had a quick chat with Maya about the labels debut EP ‘Rigmarole’ and the new label.

So congratulations on the launch of your new label Henri, what’s the official release date for the first EP? Thank you! The official release is the 6th of May – very exciting! :)

What was the inspiration behind the label’s name?
It’s based on an artist I love called Henri Rousseau. I love his work and what he stood for. Look him up, especially the picture called ‘Surprised!’ of which I’ve got a print hanging in my bedroom. And this is how it came about, lying in bed looking at this print, thinking ‘Yeah! HENRI!’

What spurred you to create your own label? And what are your future intentions with it?
I basically wanted to create a small label on which artists have the possibility to bring out their music and still be in control. I signed with bigger labels and am very happy to do so in the future, but then there are those tracks you want to come out but don’t want to loose all control over (especially when they’re released, for example!). That is what HENRI is for! I will never take any decisions for any artists who sign to HENRI – all decisions will always be run by them. I am looking for melodic, driving electronica, techno and deep house tracks for HENRI.

The first EP is two of your own tracks, which are a slightly different musical direction since your previous releases, is this going to resonate throughout the label and your own forthcoming productions?
These tracks are very much the vibe I’m going for with HENRI. I will also sign deep house tracks with vocals on a sub-label, HENRI Deep. And for my personal productions I am still producing the kind of house music I love to play… but now with HENRI I can flex my deeper, more tech muscles! Ha!

Check out the EP here:

Follow HENRI for future releases: Soundcloud / Facebook

And follow MAYA: Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter