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Shuush x Local Talk @ Lightbox – Review

2015 January 27

Saturday night the Lipstick Disco team, had the pleasure of heading down to Lightbox for Shuush x Local talk for a night of musical delights. Local Talk have been one of our favorite labels for sometime, so it was a real treat to experience some of their finest music first hand.

It’s rare for us East Londoners to venture south of the river for a night out, but the line-up had more than enough gravity to pull us in and Lightbox is arguably one of South London’s finest venues. Stepping into Lighbox is like walking into the flight deck of a alien spaceship, it’s dark and smoky, exactly how a club should be, but with hypnotic lasers and wall to ceiling LED lights operated with such precision they dance poetically to every beat; teamed with the crispest Funktion one soundsystem, it certainly sets the scene for a top quality night.

Kicking off the evening with Deep Bass House beats were Boean and Panda on a Bk2Bk set, exactly the kind of vibes I’d expect to hear at Lightbox and perfect for warming up the steadily growing crowd. We’ve been sniffing out both of these crews for a while, watching them grow, so it was great to see what sounds they were gonna lay down. These are the guys behind Shuush, so makes perfect sense for them to be setting the scene for the Local Talk boys to take over.

The first of Local Talk guys to grace the decks was Chesus, another producer we’ve been watching for a while. He moved away from the Bass House beats and stepped up with some uplifting Disco House and Chicago vibes, he kept a pretty steady groove and pace throughout, dropping in a fair few of his own tracks and edits, including one of my faves from him, his edit of Alicia Myers – I Want To Thank You.

Taking over from Chesus was Berlin based duo Kyodai playing a live set of pure brilliance. Although I have a number of Kyodai‘s productions in my collection, the main exposure i’ve had to their music is their more soulful, garage house tracks, so I was surprised that they pulled out quite a dark, moody, progressive and atmospheric electronic set, but peppered and juxtaposed with some of the more Soulful Dusty House cuts I know and amidst the lasers and the thumping sound system, this translated exquisitely. I don’t know what it is about a live set too, that just sonically seems to resonate in a far superior way to a straight-up DJ set, every sound coming from the speaker just made me want to melt, these guys certainly stole the show for me and one of the best live sets I’ve heard for a while, highly recommend you go and see them if you get a chance. Here’s one of their tracks that particularly stood out for me.

Closing the evening with a back 2 back set, were the two label bosses and legendary DJ’s themselves, Mad Mats and Tooli. Again, their set was a little more Deep Tech house than I was expecting, but at 4-6am it’s exactly what the crowd needs. It’s no wonder these two head up one of the best House Labels around, their track selection was sublime, Mad Mats was superbly scratching some delicious vocals, over heavy tribal and tech-house beats, while Tooli would swoop in and raise the roof with more uplifting House Jams, the perfect musical tag-team. By far the biggest killer track of the evening was this one (thanks shazam) when it dropped and the sub-bass kicked in, I thought my insides were going to explode from musical combustion, it doesn’t sound half as good on my tin-pot home speakers, but this is an absolute winner.

Musically and atmospherically the evening was superb, my only criticism of the night was the crowd, not that they were unpleasant, but the vast majority were very young and clearly only there for the lazers and the rave, not particularly for the music. The local talk crew, provided an exquisite musical journey, highly commendable by any discerning house-head, but I can’t help think it was a little lost on the crowd, who would have been equally as happy to shuffle away to a whole night of MK remixes. Having said that, there were a handful of Local Talk fans who had come down especially for the evening, including myself and was good to see amid the shufflers and ravers, a few loyal followers truly connecting with the music.

Rumor has it Local talk have a couple of nights in Birmingham and Manchester in the pipeline in the forthcoming months, so keep an eye out, 100% worth venturing to. And we’ll be sure to be bringing you more future releases from the label too.

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