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The Black Madonna – XOYO Residency

2017 February 1
by Michelle Manetti

The Black Madonna

So London’s XOYO have announced their new Friday resident, taking the helm for 13 weeks every Friday in April, May and June, is none-other than Mixmag’s top DJ – The Black Madonna, taking us back to the original club culture and delivering her ‘We Still Believe’ musical quest to London .

As yet, none of her joining guests have been announced, but you can rest assured, they will be of the absolute highest of caliber. The only thing we know, is the residency is in three parts – opening on Friday 7th April with ‘THE BODY ELECTRIC’ the first of her three all-nighters, where she’ll take us on a trip through early electro, EBM, industrial and techno to chronicle the evolution of synthesizer music. Friday 5th May – part 2 of her all nighter’s ‘THESE ARE THE BREAKS’ From the deepest dub to hip hop, Miami bass, jungle and beyond, with an ultra rare exploration to the bass station. Finally she will end her residency on Friday 30th June with her final all nighter ‘LOVE IS THE MESSAGE’ – A 6 hour session into the the soul of dance music, dipping through disco rarities and taking a tour of the house that Jack built.

The tickets are available to buy from and we suggest you grab them quick, as they won’t last long; don’t wait for the line-ups to be announced, they’ll probably be snapped up before that and these are going to be unforgettable parties, not to be missed.

While we’re at it, in our advent for The Black Madonna, (HERE) we mentioned about her vinyl only release ‘He Is The Voice I hear’ (yes we got our mitts on some vinyl) but there we’re no streams then, however it’s now available on digital and is streaming in full on soundcloud – so here it is, in all 10.29 of it’s Epic glory, as well as a little taster video of what’s to come at her XOYO residency. Enjoy.


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